Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I smile, I have a secret

I smile, i have a secret
No one knew it, maybe you
Hidden deep and locked secure
Only i can give the clue

I smile, i have a secret
Do you really have to know?
Its been with you all the time
They, even me dare not go

I smile, i have a secret
A dark matter in a core
Burning, swelling over time
A corrupted soul it bore

Now it lay dormant no more
The darkest of energies
Found their way into the core
Concealed in flesh and of glee

Turbulent in its restrain
Like steam trapped inside a pot
Or acid on virgin coke
Its a cancer that is not

How it longed for its release
From its closed obsidian shell
Forged by disguised emotions
Of the bearer of the shell

Its growth i cannot impede
Its depth and darkness innate
Light itself diminishes
Before its vehement state

It remained, but breathes no air
For i will never forget
Its rumblings, i thought was pain
I smile, i have a secret

Still it haunts my potent soul
all of me it wants to get
Violent if its released
I smile, i have a secret

Take heed of what you don't see
Behind a thorny thicket
Are unknown uncertainties
I smile, i have a secret

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Coveteous Hands

Debtor, wherever art thou
I'm sure thee is gratified
For tonight's lucent moonlight
Has conceived a vengeful vow

Thy happiness ended mine
Cause thy filthy hands are swift
Snitched away my fathers gift
Don't expect that i am fine

Shall i describe what it felt
When a newt severe its tail
there is no air to inhale
The ice of ones patience melt

So bale thy agile fingers
Itching, skin of thy envy
Wanting more insatiably
Like an unforgiven curse

Presence of thy unseen form
like a specter of discord
Looting all that thee adored
when our eyes omits thy form

Debtor, thou art now vanished
Took my merriment with ease
Potent like a dead-cold breeze
Thou came, thou passed, unpunished

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Egotistic Men of Letters

Cowards who cannot accept
Mere realities that crept
Behind their backs like shadows
Worthy to die by arrows

Cowards whose egotistic
Views are shallow; moronic
Taking refuge behind lies
Later gain incentive prize

Cowardice is what you see
In there texts that are not free
Edited with golden pride
Cowards, that is how they write

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Of year old Poems

How long have i been writing?
Sarcasms, accounts of hate
Melodious verses singing
The streets, did it echoed great?

In the streets do people hear?
Begging thoughts outside their gates
Locked by ignorance and fear
Where reality awaits

The same poem that i wrote
This very date, i ponder
Been so long i swore an oath
To use my pen and wander

Wandered like an albatross
Or a Monarch butterfly
Round the world i came to cross
With the power of my eye

Still that oath i never broke
Though sometimes my fingers tire
My thoughts sometimes drifts like smoke
Quickly gone, but hard to hire

Like the playing of our dreams
Every time we try to wake
Recollecting all those themes
Few remain for us to take

These verses sprinkled with rhymes
Are just coming out of dates
When given unusual climes
What future in me awaits?

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Road To Florence

Worry not lost wanderer
Keep your pace on the dark road
It strayed many travelers
Long ago before you showed

Long ago through tongue twas passed
By folks, who now rest below
Now its realized at last
Your entering soul don't know

Muddy rivers comes to trail
The residents of the woods
Slugs and caterpillars hail
Through the fog you sounding boots

Light rarely reaches the floor
Deprived Venus flytrap cries
For sunlight for food and more
The edible mushroom dies

The damp mosses welcome him
A carpet of evergreen
The fog of dusk and the dim
Invoke creatures who are mean

His jacket made of weak hide
Shields him from the biting cold
As forked trails before divide
Deep within the forest old

River ran beside the trail
As he ventured deeper in
The groves echoed by nymphs wail
Enticing the strayed within

River undisturbed cascade
Cloudless waters that carry
A lone, sleeping, drifting maid
Whose pale hands held a daisy

In the fainting shafts of light
Frailty defined the astray
The trail, his blurring sight
And the maiden sailed away

Sailed away in the shadows
Of an unending river
While the trail slowly narrows
Hopes for the lost traveler

In his mud-smeared pantaloons
Striving, limping on his weight
The prelude of nightfall tunes
Reminds the last time he ate

He felt his weight heavier
Than he is a while ago
There's something in the river
That's forbidding him to go

Then came across his vision
Though it's blurry he defined
Majestic apparitions
Aged trees whose thickly vined

This forest has conceived them
To save its virginity
And with them are the children
On their hollows security

Twinkling lights before him now
Enchant him as they flutter
Playing on those misty boughs
His consciousness they shatter

All those lights lured him within
And he tread them trail no more
Quest for home is growing thin
Venturing the unknown lore

Carrying his unsound mind
Through the barbed vines on the ground
It savored his flesh behind
Though he's coiled and nearly bound

In the clearing all was torn
It was his numb skin that cried
For warmth of light like in morn
That the hidden sun denied

His piteous blood the earth gain
On his worn out knees he fell
Now that he is lesser sane
Resign to unconscious spell

On his own puddle of blood
He faded and strive to crawl
With each slip, he kissed the mud
When he falls he tasted all

An endless torment tonight
His soul and insanity
Enticed him into the lights
A hovering fantasy

Spectators are in the boughs
Following his bloody trace
Smell of predators arouse
As he reached a hollowed base

A hollow on the grand roots
Cavern of intertwining
Ancient wood that bore the fruits
And now a stranger dying

On the warmth of its bosom
Summoning his breath
Unaided in the dark some
Attended by lurking death

His flowing blood has gone cold
Cold until it flowed no more
His eyes lost its gleam and told
Death to take him to that door

As soon as darkness consume
The lair that became a tomb
It celebrated with gloom
The forests' possessive womb

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Letter to Rakma

Dear Rakma, greetings of peace
The reason i send you this
Is because i want to know
What transpired from long ago

What has become my friends lives?
Did they marry many wives?
Or my beautiful girl-friends
On early motherhood tends

The town, does not look like one
Streets that i once filled with fun
Home that has a lizards den
I was just a toddler then

How about my favored trees
Where i gather the fresh breeze
The clubhouse that made safety
when the rabid dogs chased me

Hope that they remained standing
As a trace of my molding
In this cauldron known as life
I'm casted to endure life

Once with my young spirit gay
Remember that shameful day
I expected rain, I'm nude
I ran in the neighborhood

Ive garnered punishment there
And since then, i did not dare
I'm six, what can you expect?
Play all day is my subject

We did became acquainted
At school where we were tended
By teachers who sell candies
That bored present cavities

Voices rung the gloomy school
Ponds we made our swimming pool
With my ant-baited hair strands
Fish ant-lions in the sands

I was allergic to frown
Then i wondered in the town
On holidays and weekdays
Time when there were still less gays

The bridge reminds me of rain
Butt-naked children lose their sane
They dove the river by tens
Oh i wish i had the chance

To mingle with delinquents
Was tabooed by my parents
Commit my first mortal sin
When i was curios of skin

I remembered, when i stole
To my fathers pocket hole
Every morning while he slept
To the billiard house i crept

The billiard house had a store
With my pennies, i bought four
Bubble gums my molars chew
Sun lighted the morning dew

When weeks fell on Friday night
I trod the darkness despite
Uncertainties, i cant see
To watch power rangers free

When Saturdays came, i pay
Ten pesos to have my way
On a small room with bodies
Focused, absorbed by movies

Remembered the hut behind
Our house, with girls who are kind
I enjoyed their cute ceiling
I sat in there while talking

I had come across a house
Owned by a man with no spouse
Senility hunched his back
Father respects lolo Jack

I loved our old fashioned home
Shared with faeries and a gnome
And the lizards underground
Our left-overs there they hound

Every time i turn my head
Sometimes when I'm in my bed
Listening to radio
Apparitions come and go

My plastic table and chair
Where i color hares and bears
From my bought coloring book
The shadows behind me look

Are they visitors who peak?
My prayers and peace they seek?
Are they witches on that hut
Waiting, to have my hair cut

Every time my mother wakes
In those past mornings to make
Sustenance for the day long
And at school it made me strong

It made me jump and tumble
On schools grass field with humble
Grasshoppers, skipping steadfast
They feared I'll make them my breakfast

Remembered my stolen toy
God forgive that deprived boy
I treasured my childhood tears
Now succumb on present fears

When I'm ill, my parents sent
Me to brace efficacent
Of a century-old hand
She is known throughout the land

Perpetual flowers still blooms
On my craniums thousand rooms
Lantern plants, hibiscuses
Plants with unknown genuses

My father and my mother
Our maid and baby sister
In a house i cant forget
Where parts of my roots i set

Those archaic photographs
That ambered my sobs and laughs
Ceaselessly i recollect
Times, that i can't reject

Memories my head retained
Lingering and most remained
We just cant escape the past
Like shadows who always cast

So i think, this is the end
Of my lengthy letter friend
Tully yours, farewell it goes
The complimentary close

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Walk, the Night, and the Broken Hymen

As i pace another night
I seek the stars and the moonlight
There was none and all was black
And there was no turning back

Once again i am detached
And i feel like being watched
As i pass each light post faint
Whose light can honor a saint

Halfway to my rendezvous
There was nothing else to do
But keep walking by a church
Hope that no ghost will emerge

Past the church, another one
there were dogs, i did not run
though their canine teeth are shown
Still they grant me safe sojourn

Walking with moon's company
And the brilliant starry sea
Was the night, that ruled them all
For i saw innocence fall

Houses, once lighted by wicks
Built in nineteen forty-six
My lone procession they take
But a house still is awake

From the window, there i saw
they're uncovered, it was raw
What do people do when cold
Ti's the tale the window told

What has come, my decent walk?
That incite unconscious talk
All the days that God create
Why'd he put me in this fate?

Watch her face, i cannot bare
She's the girl with flowing hair
Who often sit beside me
On the lounge of library

With a kind, Cherubic face
I can't believe she'll embrace
A deed so base, Why'd she sell
Her fragile body to hell

Honest window showed me clear
How her eyes produced a tear
That twinkled for my eyes
To behold what truly lies

Pale, the color of her skin
Laid on that altar of sin
Quenching all a stranger's thirst
She think not her honor first

Soul of her sorrowful song
To my ear it whispered long
Her lover, a love he keeps
On a distant room he sleeps

The Volcanic libido
Disturbed the tress' sleeping crow
Does she really need his pay
For her studies in the day?

Her exhausted body frail
Mercied by a baby's wail
On that wooden, creaking bed
On a room that's painted red

I see the ceiling perspire
From the steam of this satire
Ascending from where it's borne
On her body's' tender torn

Stillness of my piercing glance
Still on her enduring dance
On a mattress colored beige
Shocks and tremors; she engage

Cold midnight breeze, freeze my ear
Body shivers not in fear
Invokes my pity and hate
Seen on that window's narrate

Must continue, i decide
Leave the window for the stride
So long our sins for tonight
She failed to switch off the light

Friday, August 22, 2008

An Analogy

Gays and rebels are the same
They want something hard to claim
Rebels want the lands even
Gays they want to sip semen

Gays and rebels talk silly
They act and dress more freely
Rebels steal and burn houses
Gays predate and wear blouses

Gays and rebels share a goal
Fire in the hole! Anus hole!
They keep bragging off their deeds
And liking it when it bleeds

Gays and rebels terrorize
The norm of us civilized
Gays they seek for penile fun
And the rebels cheer is gun

As these gays flock the suburbs
Rebels also in numbers
March the line of peace for war
Gays they do it in the bar

Oh! and let us not forget
Both these perverts have their set
Of leaders whose intellect
Coincide their dull defect

Fluent use of odd discourse
These gays' way to intercourse
Rebels make and use their codes
Then later a bomb explodes

They compliment each other
As innocence they shatter
Their hearts, something lunged inside
Is where a thrombus reside

If you see this as insult
Try to see first the tumult
They caused our society
Adds to my anxiety

Due to their perversity
Both made good analogy
Their genus flourished since then
Will God castigate these men?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

He speaks of bullets, yet he loves peace

Who are you, who planted hate
On our rich and tranquil ground
Tilled by our forefathers great
With their hands and sweat of toil

Now you come and you proclaim
In a provocative tone
That this land is yours to claim
To corrupt, infect and own

You said its the way to peace
If we'll just heed and follow
So you can plunder with ease
And hang us in your gallows

Gallows of your monarchy
And capitalistic ways
To secure your dynasty
With a vile and greedy face

Leaving us miserable
In a preposterous lead
So bitter, so terrible
That is why we must not heed

To sign the bargain of fools
Maybe, like tying a noose
On our necks to feed the ghouls
Whose desire for power rules

In the sign of crescent moon
You hide behind armaments
That speaks of pogrom, and soon
Harvest hate and arguments

The old scar incised again
Blood will run to it once more
To fertilize the soil when
Men think of others no more

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Minsan Sa Silid Aklatan

Sa aking pag-iisa
Kasama ang mga aklat
Nakatiwang-wang sa lamesa't
Inaamag ang pabalat

Ang pahinang maalikabok
Na naninilaw sa kalumaan
Dinidinig nito ang tibok
Ng puso ko'ng may kahinaan

Sa bintana ko'y tanaw
Ang kaway ng mga dahon
Na sa puno'y ginagalaw
Ng mga engkanto sa hapon

Lagi sa dakong tahimik
Sa mata ko'y nagpatalim
Tumakbo man ang mga titik
At magtago sa dilim

Ngayon sa paglamong marahan
Ng gabi at pagtahan ng ihip
Sa hapong may kapighatian
Ang mundo ko'y sinisilip

Damdami'y walang lungkot
Sa pag-iisang sinadya
Maging hangin may sangkot
Sa pagbuo ng tula


Once In The Library

In my loneliness
Accompanied by books
Laid on the table
Molds on its cover

The dusty page
Yellowing of age
Hears the heartbeat
of my weak heart

Behind the windows, i see
The waving of the leaves
Of the trees being moved
By Elves of the afternoon

Always on a silent nook
My eyes are sharpened
If the letters should run
And hide in the shadows

Now, the slow swallowing
Of night and the breezes pause
On a lonely afternoon
The world i peak

My gloom less mood
A deliberate loneliness
Even the winds have part
On wielding poem

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Genuflect; A Divine Perversion

Holy utterance, Thy tongue
Has made cunning by a tree
To gather the holy fee
From the pockets of old and young

Thy vesture of linen white
Symbolize thy taken vows
To shepherd a sinful house
Not by staff, but with a scythe

When praying to holy saints
Carved on wood or hung on walls
Thou sell them on parish stalls
As a bulwark for the taints

Sacred waters thou has blest
Did it hinder thy abuse?
Of their innocence on pews
Now i doubt thy being cleansed

Just human, thy alibi
So thou heard the call of flesh
And thou use a virgin fresh
Anus, from persuasive lie

You omit thy being chaste
When thy staff, used to impale
The juveniles who are bale
And you punish them with haste

Faithfuls on thy presence kneel
Someone is pretending blind
Thy altar knight stood behind
Reminiscing an ordeal

With thou, when he was no one
Had brought him before thy God
Then thou started to get odd
When thy buttons, had undone

He on thy room acquainted
Gallantry of things thou bought
And promised all what he sought
If he gets his soul tainted

Marked, smeared, forlorn altar knight
Tormented and is bleeding
Torn tissues and the screaming
A slave to thy carnal plight

Pains of thy excessive drill
Pumps a soul that has no peace
And the right thing is to cease
This obedience to thy will

So at noon, he made the choice
Depart with his agony
Of thy mock divinity
With a clear and humble voice

Father, father i must say
"I cant be with thee tonight"
And this quoth the altar knight
Father quoth; You're here to stay

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Day on the Hourglass

The deciduous leaves fly
Ordered by a lightning cry
And this, I was not aware
Of the seasons passing by

Falling leaves the trees forsake
The decaying premise take
It is done, I can't turn back
They're for the Janitors rake

I am living in my rhyme
In this swiftly, shifting time
For the many walks to walk
On a vast uncertain clime

Nineteen years before the now
Asked myself this question how
Can i keep this youth esteemed
If in times' presence i bow

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Dethronement

Tell me mother, what's the taste?
Tender chunks of shattered waists
Carnage swimming on your mouth
Macabres concluding route

Mother tell me? what's their fault?
that you've drown them in your salt
With their blood and fluids fuse
Dead ones, never did you choose

Is it like a candy drawn?
When you chew them and their gone
By your tempestuous tongues
Fishes found a home on lungs

You pity not the drowning
And savor all the dying
Those pale faces whom you've bound
On heels, so they can't be found

Mother did you treat her well?
On your limbs, a swelling hell
The princess poor has lost her crown
For you hanged her upside down

Mother, mother may i ask?
Is it just to make them cask?
Made of metal, twisted cry
Your dominion they defy

Its a lesson you inflict
Those who mock and maledict
Your cordial sublimity
They keep breaking your decree

Mother, still they do not hear
All their faults, your children dear
How much will they have to pay?
Murders of so grim a day

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Writer's Sea

There is red and there is dead
There are some that sailors dread
Though my own, a peaceful tide
Restless thoughts are churned inside

See the water's never blue
Terns and Gulls are absent too
Not all, loves a placid murk
Summons all i need for work

On this vast colossal sea
Worlds i pass and ramble free
Worlds distorted, so grotesque
Need to write this style burlesque

Always when my body's soak
Fervent waters that provoke
Rageful ghosts that's sometimes bane
On this baleful brood of Cain

Sentiments from liquid pure
On an illness, found a cure
Inquiries the waters heed
Makes up my poetic creed

Below the waves, a forged scheme
By someone whose in the dim
Writing truths that raise the steam
Parallel to precious dreams

You can never see below
Clearly all what made me know
Just like now, its hard to guess
What the pen wants to address

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Third Kind's Carnality

They are now ,they had a choice
Exercised falsetto voice
Painted nails and painted face
Skin indulge on scented sprays

Unbarred, closet opened wide
A true self just cannot hide
Sinly smiles of coated lips
Swaying butt and shapeless hips

Vampire-like, they fear the sun
Same as a devoted nun
Life consumed on things absurd
Filthy deeds they hide are heard

They pray to a moon that crawls
Gloomy streets of sex and brawls
Shadows on the shadows lurk
Silent, has the smirk of Circe

On the sound of treading feet
Senses heightened, ear-drums beat
Stronger now for moon it brought
Lonely teenage boy they sought

Keen eyes made discourteous glance
Torrid will and urge to dance
On velvet sheets of lover's bed
Carnal craniums painted red

Calling whistles, lizards tongue
Bogus masks on faces hung
Utter promises of lies
And a beer that's full of ice

Whistles only are for dogs
And the boy just hate the hogs
Walking still, he passed them by
Tricky souls just gave a sigh

Hours came, still has no guest
Sun is born, its time to rest
Clean the vomits, close the club
And they visit baker Bob

Walking alien of the streets
Whistles got from driver seats
Stuff of laughter and of taunt
Morals of the church they haunt

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Death of a Well

There was once an aged well
Whose depth mocks the fiery hell
Frigid waters rests inside
Mortals with their needs supplied

Once provide their sustenance
The great well, but that was once
Thirsty brought their jars to fill
With waters untainted still

Origin still is unknown
Said that it was no ones own
Witnessed life cause like the mounts
Lasting yore is so profound

Stationed on a misty realm
Withered trees are overwhelmed
Red bricks fade, mosaic broke
Like the woods that peckers poke

Wrinkled ground of which she stood
Pity her for she was good
The deep void that light cant reach
Her womb home of mud and Leech

Time has closed her living pores
And has barred her breathing doors
Rendezvous of water rain
Sucked up dry and gone for vain

So the late was claimed by vines
With the mosses, and the spines
Comes the homage of the fur
Now the sons remember her

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Prophecy of a Tax Collector

End will be on everything
From erotic love to sighs
The time we lend is running
From the Architect of skies

The sun will soon subdue us
And the well will water lack
Epidemics will brew pus
With the steam of earthly crack

Could be rotting there there for weeks
Some are meters deep away
Bodies with the ruble mix
Savor the fumes of decay

All the nation make their rise
Rise of the inhumane rage
Which forms the thick darkened skies
For some nuclear exchange

The profit-based morals
Of unproductive fathers
With irregular bowels
While people eat each other

Cease to plant, the farmers heir
Feel the lowering of yields
Then succumb a curse so fair
Of acidic empty fields

Did you hear the scripture say
Exaggerate of Matthew
Must you clean your soul today
For redemption is for few

Monday, May 26, 2008

We made them Masochists

Ti's so hard to call the winds
Even more to calm the seas
Our sense of idleness wins
If you're contented of peace

Yes, but not all peace are just
There is peace whose sound is death
Peace on those who work on rusts
Starving peace whose short of breath

For his well has long been dry
Is a child who knocks the door
Give his life or leave him by
Will you open up and pour?

Turned down our voices so dire
Oh peace! what have we become?
Of the poorest third world choir
We are the most feeble hum

Heedless until you're headless
The promise will never come
As the needy and food less
On their penury's succumb

Others sleep on rusty chains
Deprived rights, the justice keep
And it magnifies their pains
You enjoy your soundest sleep

Evils on offices hide
Elitists do more than crimes
Courtrooms, their decisions fried
Are you not aware this times?

Go outside and see by far
From you, a pyramid built
Being deaf is what you are
Where's your conscience, where's your guilt?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Carnival of Flaws

I had once on a Carnival
Witnessed an ebony show
Where Actors are criminals
Whose lousy acts i most know

I await, the curtain parts
Their delightful Gothic dress
And their hypocrisy starts
Takes the stage no more no less

Monopoly it is done
By masters of theatrics
Corruption for them is fun
Dirty game of politics

Center stage i am surprised
In there was our president
Self and croonies brought demised
Hopes of a nation ardent

Full of life is that stage
Likened to a market place
Senators are being sage
Sit and talk then got their pays

Oh! they the common figures
Seated, chest in, bellies out
Pregnant like are their features
Congressmen just getting stout

Mayors i can never miss
Overtax for concubines
Ignores the streets filled with piss
Heir to throne is a blood line

Lousy acts, and stupid dance
Entertained the none of me
Hit them stones, if had the chance
Poor audience will be in glee

Unimpressed of scripts of lies
Seated on this frozen bench
Got the votes, then promise dies
Thirst of greed that none can quench

After all , conclusion draws
Lousy actors take their bow
On this carnival of flaws
I'm about to burn it now

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Poem on Avidness

See her almost every night
Share with her ambitious acts
Her chemical induced white
Skin to sign the nudist pact

You bring out the handkerchief
Wipe her fake face of fake tears
Of joy, or cheer or mischief
Talk to her? delirium nears

Body of a perfect mold
That you exalt for beauty
Though her innocence she sold
Still you admire her truly

You see clean on her than stain
For she holds your puppet strings
In your ignorance, she gain
You will pay her golden rings

Exaltation form the bust
You made her the finest wood
Kneel on salt and bow you must
With the sense of gratitude

Nothings wrong in praising her
Even more to kiss her feet
Imitate her obscene slur
Later sell your worthless meat

Go for idiotic sojourn
World superficially set
For the lesser and forlorn
To be a loyalist pet

I see the spark in your eyes
Their obeisance to the queen
Its a thing that is unwise
Bound yourself in her on screen

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Seeing more in the dark

Stroking with this Titus fine
Pen that writes the thickest black
Dismal is the word define
The state when gaiety lack

Yellow light the candle brings
Not enough for cabin wide
Barely i can see a thing
Writings in my shadow hide

Sorry if i write on ill
My voice, not pleasing to hear
Scratched papers my ballpoints till
Words will scream in your good ear

Given this unusual sight
From the past, unusual too
In the days where wrongs are right
Edgar sprouts from finest brew

Wick has none, the candle dies
I stood up with no remark
Tread the void and close my eyes
And i see more in the dark

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Murderous Symphonies

Must you hear the grimmest new
Sea meat scattered on the shores
Funereal hymns of the pews
Made by poison used for ores

Must you hear the crispy cracks
Giants bow on chain-saw's song
Rapist that are free of tax
Virgin forests live not long

Must you hear exploding grounds
Tremors made by metal beasts
Flattening of all the mounts
Unborn ones see the least

Must hear the silent cries
Chimney's spew unholy fogs
Of factories, Infant dies
Murderers are greedy pugs

Tribulations there, rest not!
What more mourning must you hear
Our sole lot the aliens got
Must you hear, lets struck them fear

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bow not to a highness

When foreigners neared, tides churned
Counter-clock wised volume knob
Murkiest confusion earned
Dire silence covered on cob

It was never cowardice
My shame, not that i am shy
For i saw in them, hubris
They raise themselves up on high

Far not from your royal friend
Intellect and wealth you boast
Living with your latest trend
And i refuse a fake toast

Here you came, you must adjust
You're no boss and you're no God
Away, our native ores you lust
Extract not with our own blood

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Quiescent no more

Harvest first the master says
Famine stricken throat for days
Brought the end of farmers toil
Again United with his soil

Comfort of a market shade
Home of all the beggars frayed
Talking wounds on fleshless knees
That is what they meant of peace

Collecting broken dreams, a house
Of Harlots forced to work with sows
Make-up hides the swollen ducts
Client undresses and locks

Bustling cars of justice men
Does his job from ten to ten
Meets the youth to sell his drugs
remits to political rugs

Precious vault the greedy owns
Money in his blood and bones
Hunger knocks his shiny Ford
Mocks away the poor ignored

Peaceful yet it harrows you
If justice hides what should you do
For a youth that serves to God
Must you share our Jesus' blood

Blood of love and peace accords
Christian soldiers drop your swords
Wear the cleanest conscience robe
Start with you before the globe

Monday, April 28, 2008

It passed Surmions

Bare are the moonlit mountains
And the sullen glowing trees
With the Moon's carmine curtains
Of clouds swirling as the seas

None escapes unfervent rays
Of incandescent luster
Satellites terminal phase
That never cease to falter

Up there grazing with the stars
Blissful, playing in my eyes
Relief for my wounds and scars
Greatest solace of my skies

Moonlight Ovations

Luna, you were never wrong
Thy beam shines upon me
Tonight i am happy song
Triumph of sagacity

Only you consumed my gain
You're sole witness of my cheer
Never thought my sweats and pain
Will sprout jubilation dear

Ink wasted has brought honor
Investments of a raw mind
Owned a self-proclaimed loner
Sympathy and darkness bind

Despite this eccentric state
Meekness i want to confine
Having this achievement great
feeling no one can define

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Footprints on fertile mud

It is Avian choir
Accompanied with crickets
That ring and sing the loudness
Of farmers morning
The nothingness of fog
Brought uncertain squelch
On heel-deep mud to my boots
Careful not to disturb
Sleeping puddles of leeches
In my walk, time passed

The earth mud odors rise
Herons started days work
Fishing on Carabao backs
Ticks bloat of Carabao blood
Like pale berries succulent
Advent of another day
By the ray of golden sun
Glistening of golden seeds
Slowly is the fog undone
Busy farmers before me

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ragamuffins are stray cats

Steady down pours made town ghost
White, yellow lights from a post
Deepest thoughts, horizon black
Emphasized on garbage sack

Fruit born of the urban skirt
Walking, searching tummy's worth
Stranger to a passerby
Tempting chicken entrails fried

Providence our hero calls
Thumb-size maggots climb the walls
Ever drooled on some steamed rice
Ventricles leap for spoiled fries

A problem is not when drenched
Problem is when men fist clenched
Diaphragm has lost its air
Broken rib has none to spare

Flowing warmth, body's bruised smeared
Long to eat is hunger steered
Crawling streets and dodging trucks
Drowning on a life that sucks

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Flavorless over-chewed gum
Constant squirms from the mouth come
Generous salival bursts
Superman never felt thirst

Likened to electric chair
Plastic throne that no one dare
Disturb a mere waste of skin
Artificial world he's in

Expertise on killing time
Felt the wealth forget the dimes
Popping eyes is bleeding red
Has more time on this than bed

Cutest are the fingers sore
Keyboards grow the deadly spore
Resting are the frozen sweat
Process of the worst you get

Once you feel you are the God
Arrogance mixed with your blood
Seventeen cubic inch world
Place of which the life you've hurled

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Taste of Styx

Listen to a granted boon
Usage of the darkened moon
Wielding words from craggy ore
Souls are yet to know my lore

Sublime is a common feel
One that pinned Achilles' heel
Brought me gifts has pained me too
Sad, alone, confused and blue

Mighty dams are none compared
Smallest leaks that didn't cared
Abstract things are weakest spot
Lingers through my sense and gut

Cognizance has got me late
Lately was the sourest state
Hearkened when the silence spoke
Sorrow guised on silken cloak

Venture to a cluttered midst
See a feeble Satirist
Enveloped on elven shroud
Bleeding chest is gushing loud

Thursday, April 10, 2008

When farmers die

Wait until there's nothing more
substance of our bodies core
wait until the Vultures come
Tasty morsels they eat some

Patience is a virtue said
wait until you drop for dead
Skinny young their Femurs shown
In the morgue a ringing phone

Glitter shines the worthless gold
rice worth more a hundred fold
What the ulcered stomach need
is a cask for worms to feed

Golden panicles of life
don't mind me but save my wife
empty breasts our children sips
No more milk for blood it drips

Monday, April 7, 2008

Gravity of crossing avenues

A dusky afternoon late
amplifies a sober state
quiescence is all but none
for a place employed for fun

Fun it is that people seek
this time always every week
slippers grind cemented road
Air is pale returning cold

Early are the peanut stalls
smoking as the slutty halls
waiting are the drinking fools
Pubs they make of vomit pools

Sun is sinking on the west
Lovers choose a place to nest
condom first on pharmacy
to avoid her pregnancy

Vendors flock the streetly scene
selling goods from which they lean
to be fed a starving debt
must they shed their blood and sweat

Every corner teems with food
Charms the smell of glutton brood
Eats away a cysts or two
from a poor-cooked barbecue

So they skulk for time is dim
they the users search for him
in the thickness of the crowd
there they bought the powder proud

Shiny cars and hippest bikes
they the social climbers like
steps the gas and on a show
rider yet they think so slow

oh immortal cunning night
why'd you blur the clearest sight
streaming lights of wicked truths
cancer of our natures truce

So this is primordial place
weirdest are the sapient ways
Pedestal is where i sat
gravity of life i met

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sasori, the puppet master

Guiding hands that made me walk
Dancing notes that made me talk
Softest breast of sweetest milk
Cradle of the grandest silk

Okay, this will be for me
Unfolding; just wait and see
Stay beside and keep me warm
Do keep me away from harm

Morning came the saddest times
Ringing of departure chimes
Ma and pa were on their way
For a war commenced today

Oh I hope they would come back
And compensate the love I lack
But time is baleful in my wait
The one forever I will hate

Warmth often kiss my cheeks
Would it end all of my seeks
Hopelessness dispelled from drowse
Just the sunlight on my brows

Since that day, to never smile
All the moments not worthwhile
Profession was the art of death
To live as one who stops their breath

There it is, the turning points
My hardened heart and hardened joints
Village neglect of my defect
Collect the people I dissect

Steady filled my jars of blood
Pierce the skin of metal rod
Perfect piece my puppets go
So Ma and Pa will see my show

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wounds do talk

Asylum of toil i am trapped
sadness' blanket i am wrapped
deliberate delay of sleep
the poor man's coffee i sip

Radio hiss a static song
makes sound sleep but not for long
Tendered backs from soggy foams
and i again deprived of home

A sore prize for an unpaid debt
sometimes judged and named of theft
blood is none compared to cash
a small scratch can turn to gash

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Sand white as Boracay fine
lord of drunk, but not of wine
handed strip of silver foil
souls elevated from the soil

Buy and sell a market norm
a public place, the red-eyes storm
broken home has none to eat
just to but a heavens' heap

Bleeding nose for sniffing hard
a space-less nook within the yard
waste time gold the highest way
to buy and use it everyday

Superman for just a while
can run up to a thousand mile
a paid slut smiles for longer fuck
flies back home and breaks the lock

severity, the sandman calls
swinging knife on innocent halls
feeling not the warmth of blood
loved-ones fell a dying thud

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Synagogue of Christs' Murderers

A temple built of pointed roof
scattered with some birdly poop
hypocrites on cobblestone
they the Pharisees do condone

High you are you Gothic wall
fortified the great and tall
holy shrine and marketplace
promise for the end of days

Made to house a famous crowd
whose work is hear and pay the vowed
sluts and greed fill up the pews
to drink or not our Jesus' juice

A marble carve the altar be
hanging lights and bleeding knee
holiness of chiseled wood
Judas' children there they stood

Light brought life to windows stained
hope for all the widows pained
for a temple of pointed roof
scattered still by birdly poop

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Loiters of a nocturnal

Tonight from the streets i came
the streetly dogs i cannot tame
lone sounds of walking feet
destroyed the serenity of the street

To pass by a funeral
gambling souls and their capital
for at least I'm not alone
if a thief Love's my cellular phone

Continue walking was i
to skulk on evils eye
to pass a church of blackbirds
and evade the Carabao turds

Alone i am again
a time later than ten
a crying voice is not a joke
at store, i bought a zero coke

Near i am and home far not
to run upon a scary lot
i got the keys and opened fast
and then i am at home at last

Monday, March 17, 2008

The last dance of Terpsichore

Quick palpitations of lightnings veins
acknowledged the Nimbus' silhouette
a backdrop of grandeur reigns
made of Luna's' hidden coronet

The clouds roll, still is the flashing
a canvas great of black and Grey
as one may see, are the gods warring?
a timid thunder silenced away

From every flash a pendulum stops
witness to the swirling of hues
of dark origins for heavens' drop
simultaneous, magnanimous

A feat of marvel to appraise
at night when the snoring died
on this roof, a raindrop felt my face
Its time for me to get inside

Saturday, March 15, 2008

A supposed recognition day

And i begin to taste the salty beads
Sweat that is of sparkling glory of heat
Finding the comfort of my pouty lips
My aching buttocks from a sturdy seat
Looking in my right is an empty chair
Before me, the alien people from Mars
A common stimulus i cant watch bare
To them I'm not one; distant as the stars
All was silent except me to a time
When an over-rated credential spoke
Of a topic on how to earn a dime
I farted on an ineffective joke
From the corners of my sleep, i came late
A blank paper for my excellent state

Friday, March 14, 2008

The fall of billion lives

Clear skies after the beads drop
brought sustenance to the crop
touched the rosy bud
and stirred chocolatey mud

The beads fell hard
and loam stood unguard
rained never like this
Ants stuck on their lease

Earth is the face
of a water-based race
rain is its tears
Joyful, as life it rears

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ostracized by a broken silence

She looked so pale
am i again perplexed?
a sudden gale
Oh my! she's so depressed

I came to greet
but then the mood turned dour
to have a seat
a feeble voice went sour

Is she annoyed?
of me whose wish is talk
now i am coyed
away I'm forced to walk

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lancets and Syringes

Needles are friendly when you're sick
they aren't angry when they prick
their lone concern is your health
a long to regulate your breath

sizes and shapes come differently
fluids they spew in your cavity
all you have to do is cringe
and feel the sweet smiling Syringe

Oft they bleed my fingers tip
a crimson drop; the vial sip
for now i know, they're here to stay
to slay and keep the pain away

Monday, March 10, 2008

Parade of the raped

Deaf it is not, our forest school
it is a Gong that wakes the whole
teenage army on the verge
of bringing down a demon's urge

Black subdues the early sun
the shirts of all the mourning shun
we marched and filled the streetly scene
sympathy fueled our shouts and scream

It was the day we painted black
a town discreet of such attack
the rape of one is rape of all
we're here to make our justice call

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Songs of unvirgin sobs

Today the world has gone mad
a girl got raped; taken away
our school, a forest peopled with bad
sexual predators there they lay

I imagine how they did it
the way they broke the tender
tremors of barging man meat
trees listened a sad song rendered

they threw her like a used condom
naked, cold, and vulnerable
misery raised the city of Sodom
between the legs, pain is unbearable

Friday, March 7, 2008

Give drink to the thirsty

Once a shadowed ground
raindrops fell; a trickling sound
a leaf it has found

Millions come around
as the great Sun is uncrowned
bring joy to the frowned

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Whispers from San Lorenzo Ward

I have known of a castle great
blasted winds; fumes from the east
groaning walls of complications
from diseased demon incantations
nights that i lay beside
the Artisans of Apollo reside
my needle tortured fingertips
to third degree antibiotic drips
from rooms of inconstant lights
uncertain curtain frights
ghosts that visit me hourly
getting signs of my vitality
collecting juices from my guts
boredom made me nuts
if only i had squashed the thing
i would never be guest to a king

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Purging Lake

Paddling down its silvery waters
Running my fingers through its placidity
Seeing the reflection of lovers
Below the great Grey clouds
Feeling nothing but intimacy
Love that became the shroud
Of protection and sanctuary
For this black hearted crowd
That makes us oil and water
Forbidding joy and laughter

At dawn the rays caress the hills
Of golden hues that takes away
The spell of drowse and chills
And thoughts of destruction
Against the sworn knot we lay
The will is His’ of our destination
In the remaining shafts of ray
Today, in this beautiful lake
We say goodbye to a fray
And move on as life we take

Beautiful Solstices

The river dries, the master aches
if you've been mute for days
the rain cries, the Sun bakes
the overused cliches

the eye reddens, the mucus drips
an infected fork or spoon
the joy lessens, the blister creeps
drama will die soon

the toes gone cold, the muscles twitch
and lockjaw is at peak
the will is told, the dying switch
buried under teak

Monday, February 18, 2008

Dare not to make a parody

Too ambitious i am tonight
Writing these scripts in my dreams
of my wanting to stream
an ambitious semi-lie right?

A council of me often i ask
to pursue this apex or not
but time is my enemy for the task
of emptying a Shakespearean flask

A mix of difficulty it is
and i, a commoner, too ambitious for this
an epic tale of love and tragedy
enemy forever is this time in peace

star-crossed lovers they are known
scratching my head is a thought
time too was the scarcest to bestow
love and happiness they ought

am i to decide, am i worthy?
of a woeful masterpiece of him
i dare not to make a parody
said i, will find another story

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Empty can of Sardines

Its always like this for poor Juan
always wearing a miserable masks
like Phantom in no theater
This morning a teacher he asks
For answers he needs for the better
Poor Juan pricked only by scolding pins
Juan, another empty can of Sardines

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Not my softdrink

A stained glass vessel
sitting with me
on a poorly constructed
canteen table on the trees
surrounded mysteriously
by homosexuals hungry
of fantasies of night

gazes haunted me
eyes of red and sinful
things that are of blissful
plans to get my drink
and empty it bottoms-up
I carried myself and left
allowing not but a single drop

Monday, February 11, 2008

My memories of Thermophylae

The passing of the days hardened our limbs
of pure ceramic and mountain marble
the gushing seconds sharpened our minds
like a dagger always and forever humble
as we marched fort a narrow valley
we savor the fear of the cold
a thousand fold men grinned their fangs
as we dances both sweat and blood
we paced for death by five nights
i heard the wails of wounded flesh
of those who now numb of cold
saliva quenched their thirst
one by one on blissful rage
we severed heads that flung high
like tender bamboo shoots
life bursting with crimson fountain
that drenched my armor, a torso i split
a foreign thing lunged through my veins
an arrow made me decomposer's meat
i fell to the ground, no pain it felt
What started as we now left an i
a comrade i noticed lying beside me
said that we are going to die
i closed his eyes, as he slept
with a period a sentence is done
never i dreamed of seeing my home
but to wake an empires pride
its a great honor that we died

Mascuf memories

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Symptoms of being alone

tomorrow will die
gentle sky will cry
alone in the dark
left with a broken heart

Sorrow come penetrate me
sweet suffering bring me sadness
beautiful agony, weep of blood and tears
deafening silence, you must die

I am in solitude yet smiling and steady
madness and creativity bring out the best in me

By my friend, Mr. Julius Czar Bayan

Friday, February 8, 2008

Barks and vines club

Stumble on a party
of peaceful solemnity
humbled my entourage
a firm bowing gesture
the steady sound of music
played by cicadan ensemble
turned on a statue dance
of lived beings sturdy
standing with dangling
vines rich of dried Chrysalises
to block the glaring
disco ball sun

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Toxic fart machines

slowly is the rusting
of our breathing apparatuses
in a sphere covered by fart
from mechanical beasts
born of vanity's frontier
to satisfy a need in constant
ignoring of painful consequences
of death and damnation

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

We won MASCUF 2008!

we (USM table tennis team) won the championship for the last four consecutive yours, that is something to be proud of... the battle of greats took place in Bukidnon state university, a place of cold that alienated my senses. but will to win dominated me and my team and we were able to slug it out with all our best. and we've won. four time in a row can you imagine that! Wow. just living to the legends of the seniors who started it. we just continued it with pride. together with the whole USM delegation, it was truly an unforgetable experience!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Lucifer hates the world

Im a poet who dwells in sadness
all the is gloom is my ally
i see only the stain in pieces of paper
and exaggerate when i write
when they are wrong and i am right
my ego says its much safer
to be cunning and to never lie
and avoid the worlds kindness
when people bow to a highness
gain nothing but a slavish cry
dares not to draw his sabre
im left here in my impius rite

Friday, February 1, 2008

Palette of contrasting hues

The rainbow has many colors
its a celebration of life
from the creator praised by his people
they say how great thou art
with a psalter of joy
but too early to be soon
man has darkside like the moon
that murder is now an art
nothing more but a loss of life
a sickly prostitute named joy
black zephyr is the city's color
painted by heartless people

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Silence spoke to me

Came today this friend of mine
Enough to make my morning bright
Expressed some thoughts of life
lighted the shafts that scour my drowse
Eager to sit and talk some more
Nudged mysteriously by want to befriend
Elapsed my time to leave to class

Sunday, January 27, 2008

A time for us

A time for us, some day there'll be
When chains are torn by courage born of a love that's free
A time when dreams so long denied can flourish
As we unveil the love we now must hide

A time for us, at last to see
A life worthwhile for you and me

And with our love, through tears and thorns
We will endure as we pass surely through every storm
A time for us, some day there'll be a new world
A world of shining hope for you and me

-1968 Romeo and Juliet Movie soundtrack

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Poison and the happy dagger

Indeed, there was no story of more woe
than two souls destined for love to unite
for it is not by sin that they love so
On Capulet ball of blessed night
to smooth a rough touch with a gentle kiss
so young a love that defied forbidden
the two may not anticipated this
the balcony saw them in the garden
Love so pure made parting a sweet sorrow
by blood is a dispute bitter than gall
so short a time that they in love borrow
the two hearts that was divided by wall
there was no story of more woe, i Sighed
I cant believe from this sins, both you've died

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Romeo and Juliet (1968)


Director:Franco Zeffirelli

Writers:Franco Brusati (screenplay)Masolino D'Amico (screenplay)

Release Date:8 October 1968 (USA)
Genre:Drama / Romance

Plot Outline:When the now famous "star crossed lovers" of two enemy families meet,forbidden love ensues.

Won 2 Oscars. Another 13 wins & 13 nominations


as far as im concern, the interests in Shakespeare literary works and influences is building on me each and every time i take this journey called life! I've never really appreciated him ,William, in the course of my life until now. I've waxed all ambiguity in me since the day i stepped in the portals of our library and watched the movie i underestimated, and stepped out of the library with the weirdest of all feelings nature ever wielded. the total satisfaction, the sympathy, the appreciation that beget realization of the truth. that love really is the thing that make the world a better place to live in. truly as i made those painful strides, i cannot erase the fact that i cried. not visible to my tears, but its the tears that hurts most, its in the inside! its what i call Shakespeare's masterpiece! Romeo And Juliet...

this is a movie that spoke to youth, this is an investment to young peoples education. its a must see, and as i am writing this blog now. you can see that ive been influenced by it greatly, so much that i longed to know more Shakespeare, and i would like to venture into the realm of poetry, i long not to be known, but to express the life i had taken. and as my poems say it. as long as you read it. this is really the mirror image of me. and this masterpiece here speaks the most of it. i want to consider this film one of the greatest film i ever saw, thanks to the generosity of our teacher who showed it to us, i loved the movie. its like real. the director did a brilliant job. for an Italian to do a sublime English work. and as for the actors, i say they are recorded here, here in my mind. because i know a great actor when i saw one. im not out of words right now. but never did i saw a story with such woe, that defied the power of wear and tear of time!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Odyssey (1997)


iwas really trully amazed of the movie, much more of a fuel to my interests in greek mythology. the movie is nice, as i can see. good special effects in its time of release worthy of an award. the actors are well picked and the storyline is nothing but a genius work. it feels like im in the movie sharing the adventures of him, though i fing a hard time speeling out the name of the king of Ithaca, but it surely is a great movie.

This lavish small-screen adaptation of Homer's ancient epic--replete with exotic Maltese and Turkish locations, state-of-the-art special effects, and many bronzed muscles gleaming with sweat--chronicles the voyage home of a Trojan hero, Odysseus King of Ithaca, and includes many more scenes of his faithful, beautiful wife Penelope dodging leering suitors at home than Homer ever composed!

The movie follows the ancient Greek names, thus it is irrelevant to use the Roman name Ulysses. Generally, it was poorly written. Homer's classic epic poem about the hero, Odysseus, and his travels home after the infamous ten year battle of Troy, is brought to the silver screen. The gods seize the opportunity to make Odysseus and his crew the pawns in their games; forcing Odysseus to take unbelievable detours that add years to his journey home. These detours throw him into conflict with great mythological creatures like Circe, the Cyclops, and Poseidon, and ultimately bring him into Hades itself. Meanwhile, Odysseus' wife, Penelope, worries that her husband is dead and is forced to fight off suitors who want to claim his kingdom. Through all of this Odysseus must keep faith and fight to find his way back home, with only the aid of the goddess Athena.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ozymandias (Shelley-1818)


I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand,
Half sunk, a shatter'd visage lies, whose frown
And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamp'd on these lifeless things,
The hand that mock'd them and the heart that fed.
And on the pedestal these words appear:
"My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!"
Nothing beside remains: round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
The lone and level sands stretch far away.[1]

- Percy Bysshe Shelley

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lifeless day on vanity's cradle

Lifeless day on vanity's cradle

What the hell has happned to me this days
as if i was on another body
in a very lost alienated place
like the mornings in the rural foggy
i can see a tapestry of unclear
reality induced my solitude
majestic as the father sun could sear
my fat enshrouded temple in postlude
i cannot help but se the rupturing
of my weekly allowance foolishly
as i continue this indecent things
to be in the end so patheticly
indulged in this world full of vanity
wish me luck, as i take my destiny

Monday, January 14, 2008

Slaughterees have dreams

Slaughterees have dreams

being brought up in this oblate spheroid
by an uncognitive act of coitus
its not surprising why people avoid
they who are grown on inch deep humus
crushed by pressure below the pyramid
the tomato eaters as Vincent viewed
better are the pigs, regularly fed
but alike they are when socially screwed
resentment and mockery is slaughter
a Friday requiem for the multitude
the fascist racist is on his laughter
while the pigs suffer the decrepitude
of so long a time like the grains sand
until the oppression will have to end



A spartan breed manifested on him
with arms of steel and legs of obsidian
enabled him to be one of crops cream
has determination for the mission
to topple down the mean adversaries
to gain honor and glory for the good
for the crowd in his shoulder he carries
the supremacy of the spartan brood
a trickled sweat, envokes a mighty blow
brute power and the scourging sun combined
to live or to be damned is all he know
all of these because of a contract signed
learns to struggle for he serves a purpose
but only a man, an atletikus!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Orchids of Apocalypse

Orchids of Apocalypse

A sight that would make piaget vomit
slums filled with maggots feeding on humus
the toilet bowl who eats the aborted
the abnormality of the emos
the hands become sore of cellular phones
been searching for the hands that build our lands
lost theyve been in the lake of fire that owned
millions of gangrened hearts; lucifers band
glutonous acts is now a common trend
to slaugther a neighbor is a hobby
the neighborhoods grim monster is a friend
to break one's hymen; a neccesity
bow and hail the six numbered name; the beast
for God is not with us today priest

Psyches' laughter

Psyches' laughter

one can see right through her eyes; innoscence
a body so ripe; the gods fantsize
she lies naked in a cloud soft mattress
an unexpected visitor enticed
circling the bed, folding the angel wing
arrowed his own heart; a blindfolded face
arroused by his own love, he crawls to fling
wrapped her in his arms, in a warm embrace
psyche replied the language of gesture
she felt his lips slipping through hers'
as they eat each other, a love venture
insatiably hungry, they made their first
for even gods fall on mortals below
all are equal on loves shimmerng glow

Monday, January 7, 2008

Home Run

Home Run

The trees grew fast and so are the people
so long a time since i last visited
the melting pot of my soul is special
my pillar and the light reunited
i thank the holidays that brought me here
the winds of time reshaped my neighborhood
my childhood buddies coke turned into beer
some of them had an early fatherhood
once our lone cat had multiplied to four
never did the grass surrendered to me
and the rusted gates wither to the core
these changes are true and pleasant to see
for it is not everyday i come here
its good to see again, my people dear