Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Letter to Rakma

Dear Rakma, greetings of peace
The reason i send you this
Is because i want to know
What transpired from long ago

What has become my friends lives?
Did they marry many wives?
Or my beautiful girl-friends
On early motherhood tends

The town, does not look like one
Streets that i once filled with fun
Home that has a lizards den
I was just a toddler then

How about my favored trees
Where i gather the fresh breeze
The clubhouse that made safety
when the rabid dogs chased me

Hope that they remained standing
As a trace of my molding
In this cauldron known as life
I'm casted to endure life

Once with my young spirit gay
Remember that shameful day
I expected rain, I'm nude
I ran in the neighborhood

Ive garnered punishment there
And since then, i did not dare
I'm six, what can you expect?
Play all day is my subject

We did became acquainted
At school where we were tended
By teachers who sell candies
That bored present cavities

Voices rung the gloomy school
Ponds we made our swimming pool
With my ant-baited hair strands
Fish ant-lions in the sands

I was allergic to frown
Then i wondered in the town
On holidays and weekdays
Time when there were still less gays

The bridge reminds me of rain
Butt-naked children lose their sane
They dove the river by tens
Oh i wish i had the chance

To mingle with delinquents
Was tabooed by my parents
Commit my first mortal sin
When i was curios of skin

I remembered, when i stole
To my fathers pocket hole
Every morning while he slept
To the billiard house i crept

The billiard house had a store
With my pennies, i bought four
Bubble gums my molars chew
Sun lighted the morning dew

When weeks fell on Friday night
I trod the darkness despite
Uncertainties, i cant see
To watch power rangers free

When Saturdays came, i pay
Ten pesos to have my way
On a small room with bodies
Focused, absorbed by movies

Remembered the hut behind
Our house, with girls who are kind
I enjoyed their cute ceiling
I sat in there while talking

I had come across a house
Owned by a man with no spouse
Senility hunched his back
Father respects lolo Jack

I loved our old fashioned home
Shared with faeries and a gnome
And the lizards underground
Our left-overs there they hound

Every time i turn my head
Sometimes when I'm in my bed
Listening to radio
Apparitions come and go

My plastic table and chair
Where i color hares and bears
From my bought coloring book
The shadows behind me look

Are they visitors who peak?
My prayers and peace they seek?
Are they witches on that hut
Waiting, to have my hair cut

Every time my mother wakes
In those past mornings to make
Sustenance for the day long
And at school it made me strong

It made me jump and tumble
On schools grass field with humble
Grasshoppers, skipping steadfast
They feared I'll make them my breakfast

Remembered my stolen toy
God forgive that deprived boy
I treasured my childhood tears
Now succumb on present fears

When I'm ill, my parents sent
Me to brace efficacent
Of a century-old hand
She is known throughout the land

Perpetual flowers still blooms
On my craniums thousand rooms
Lantern plants, hibiscuses
Plants with unknown genuses

My father and my mother
Our maid and baby sister
In a house i cant forget
Where parts of my roots i set

Those archaic photographs
That ambered my sobs and laughs
Ceaselessly i recollect
Times, that i can't reject

Memories my head retained
Lingering and most remained
We just cant escape the past
Like shadows who always cast

So i think, this is the end
Of my lengthy letter friend
Tully yours, farewell it goes
The complimentary close

11 Angelic comments:

Gerald Galindez said...

This is another poem of reminiscence.
Of my childhood..

flipt said...

this is a coming-of-age poem... biographical, i presume?

hehe...while reading it, it made me think of the song "constant change" by jose mari chan...

a farewell to innocence, perhaps? ^_^

Gerald Galindez said...

Yes flipt....
hehehe, i like that song as well...

How i wish i could return to that innocence flipt... ^^

plain childhood memories... no more no less

Xegben said...

waah..those were the days
hmmn...childhood = hakuna matata no worries

Neil Alado said...


I been reading your new poem every time i visit your blog and you write cool poems.

Echnage links naman tayo. i already added your blog link.

thank you

ekhosama said...

When I read this i felt nostalgia and guilt.. was I supposed to feel guilt?

The poem's very long, but very good. I noticed u slowed down on poetry writing; I barely write now. Especially since I just started college.



kung ikaw ay natuwa, nahilo, nagulat, naiyak (o kahit ano na lang), sa entry ko para sa e[kwento]mo na pinamagatang Sanlaksang Katanungan, lubos kong ikagagalak kung iboboto niyo ito. Paano ba 'ka mo?

1. "pumunta lamang dito sa link na ito.

2. mag-iwan ng isang komentong nagsasabi na binoboto niyo ngang talaga ang Sanlaksang Katanungan ko haha.

pwedeng ganito:

(a) yeah, im making boto for Sanlaksang Katanungan, because it was like, you know, nakaka-cry.
(b) kahit hindi naman maganda at puno ng typo, sige iboboto ko na rin ang Sanlaksang Katanungan kasi ang kapal ng mukha nung author na magpromote ng sarili niyang entry,
(c) i vote for sanlaksang katanungan. period.

3. at para i-confirm ang boto, mag-eemail sila sa email address na gagamitin niyo sa pagboto, kaya naman please regularly check your inbox ;)

hindi ipinagbabawal ang pagbabasa ng ibang entry. basahin niyo na rin baka sakaling magbago isip niyo :)

maraming salamat! ;)


Dragon Blogger said...

Very nice poem that covers all the coming of age stuff mistakes, and things that one experiences growing up.

Gerald Galindez said...

Hi dragon blogger, thanks for visiting my blog, and thanks for giving out a comment to one of my poems…. ^_^

Gerald Galindez said...

Thanks ek, you right, ive been very busy right now...

Gerald Galindez said...

Thanks niel...
thanks flipt... hows NDC?
thanks ben ^_^