Friday, October 17, 2008

The Road To Florence

Worry not lost wanderer
Keep your pace on the dark road
It strayed many travelers
Long ago before you showed

Long ago through tongue twas passed
By folks, who now rest below
Now its realized at last
Your entering soul don't know

Muddy rivers comes to trail
The residents of the woods
Slugs and caterpillars hail
Through the fog you sounding boots

Light rarely reaches the floor
Deprived Venus flytrap cries
For sunlight for food and more
The edible mushroom dies

The damp mosses welcome him
A carpet of evergreen
The fog of dusk and the dim
Invoke creatures who are mean

His jacket made of weak hide
Shields him from the biting cold
As forked trails before divide
Deep within the forest old

River ran beside the trail
As he ventured deeper in
The groves echoed by nymphs wail
Enticing the strayed within

River undisturbed cascade
Cloudless waters that carry
A lone, sleeping, drifting maid
Whose pale hands held a daisy

In the fainting shafts of light
Frailty defined the astray
The trail, his blurring sight
And the maiden sailed away

Sailed away in the shadows
Of an unending river
While the trail slowly narrows
Hopes for the lost traveler

In his mud-smeared pantaloons
Striving, limping on his weight
The prelude of nightfall tunes
Reminds the last time he ate

He felt his weight heavier
Than he is a while ago
There's something in the river
That's forbidding him to go

Then came across his vision
Though it's blurry he defined
Majestic apparitions
Aged trees whose thickly vined

This forest has conceived them
To save its virginity
And with them are the children
On their hollows security

Twinkling lights before him now
Enchant him as they flutter
Playing on those misty boughs
His consciousness they shatter

All those lights lured him within
And he tread them trail no more
Quest for home is growing thin
Venturing the unknown lore

Carrying his unsound mind
Through the barbed vines on the ground
It savored his flesh behind
Though he's coiled and nearly bound

In the clearing all was torn
It was his numb skin that cried
For warmth of light like in morn
That the hidden sun denied

His piteous blood the earth gain
On his worn out knees he fell
Now that he is lesser sane
Resign to unconscious spell

On his own puddle of blood
He faded and strive to crawl
With each slip, he kissed the mud
When he falls he tasted all

An endless torment tonight
His soul and insanity
Enticed him into the lights
A hovering fantasy

Spectators are in the boughs
Following his bloody trace
Smell of predators arouse
As he reached a hollowed base

A hollow on the grand roots
Cavern of intertwining
Ancient wood that bore the fruits
And now a stranger dying

On the warmth of its bosom
Summoning his breath
Unaided in the dark some
Attended by lurking death

His flowing blood has gone cold
Cold until it flowed no more
His eyes lost its gleam and told
Death to take him to that door

As soon as darkness consume
The lair that became a tomb
It celebrated with gloom
The forests' possessive womb