Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Genuflect; A Divine Perversion

Holy utterance, Thy tongue
Has made cunning by a tree
To gather the holy fee
From the pockets of old and young

Thy vesture of linen white
Symbolize thy taken vows
To shepherd a sinful house
Not by staff, but with a scythe

When praying to holy saints
Carved on wood or hung on walls
Thou sell them on parish stalls
As a bulwark for the taints

Sacred waters thou has blest
Did it hinder thy abuse?
Of their innocence on pews
Now i doubt thy being cleansed

Just human, thy alibi
So thou heard the call of flesh
And thou use a virgin fresh
Anus, from persuasive lie

You omit thy being chaste
When thy staff, used to impale
The juveniles who are bale
And you punish them with haste

Faithfuls on thy presence kneel
Someone is pretending blind
Thy altar knight stood behind
Reminiscing an ordeal

With thou, when he was no one
Had brought him before thy God
Then thou started to get odd
When thy buttons, had undone

He on thy room acquainted
Gallantry of things thou bought
And promised all what he sought
If he gets his soul tainted

Marked, smeared, forlorn altar knight
Tormented and is bleeding
Torn tissues and the screaming
A slave to thy carnal plight

Pains of thy excessive drill
Pumps a soul that has no peace
And the right thing is to cease
This obedience to thy will

So at noon, he made the choice
Depart with his agony
Of thy mock divinity
With a clear and humble voice

Father, father i must say
"I cant be with thee tonight"
And this quoth the altar knight
Father quoth; You're here to stay

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Day on the Hourglass

The deciduous leaves fly
Ordered by a lightning cry
And this, I was not aware
Of the seasons passing by

Falling leaves the trees forsake
The decaying premise take
It is done, I can't turn back
They're for the Janitors rake

I am living in my rhyme
In this swiftly, shifting time
For the many walks to walk
On a vast uncertain clime

Nineteen years before the now
Asked myself this question how
Can i keep this youth esteemed
If in times' presence i bow

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Dethronement

Tell me mother, what's the taste?
Tender chunks of shattered waists
Carnage swimming on your mouth
Macabres concluding route

Mother tell me? what's their fault?
that you've drown them in your salt
With their blood and fluids fuse
Dead ones, never did you choose

Is it like a candy drawn?
When you chew them and their gone
By your tempestuous tongues
Fishes found a home on lungs

You pity not the drowning
And savor all the dying
Those pale faces whom you've bound
On heels, so they can't be found

Mother did you treat her well?
On your limbs, a swelling hell
The princess poor has lost her crown
For you hanged her upside down

Mother, mother may i ask?
Is it just to make them cask?
Made of metal, twisted cry
Your dominion they defy

Its a lesson you inflict
Those who mock and maledict
Your cordial sublimity
They keep breaking your decree

Mother, still they do not hear
All their faults, your children dear
How much will they have to pay?
Murders of so grim a day