Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Sand white as Boracay fine
lord of drunk, but not of wine
handed strip of silver foil
souls elevated from the soil

Buy and sell a market norm
a public place, the red-eyes storm
broken home has none to eat
just to but a heavens' heap

Bleeding nose for sniffing hard
a space-less nook within the yard
waste time gold the highest way
to buy and use it everyday

Superman for just a while
can run up to a thousand mile
a paid slut smiles for longer fuck
flies back home and breaks the lock

severity, the sandman calls
swinging knife on innocent halls
feeling not the warmth of blood
loved-ones fell a dying thud

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Synagogue of Christs' Murderers

A temple built of pointed roof
scattered with some birdly poop
hypocrites on cobblestone
they the Pharisees do condone

High you are you Gothic wall
fortified the great and tall
holy shrine and marketplace
promise for the end of days

Made to house a famous crowd
whose work is hear and pay the vowed
sluts and greed fill up the pews
to drink or not our Jesus' juice

A marble carve the altar be
hanging lights and bleeding knee
holiness of chiseled wood
Judas' children there they stood

Light brought life to windows stained
hope for all the widows pained
for a temple of pointed roof
scattered still by birdly poop

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Loiters of a nocturnal

Tonight from the streets i came
the streetly dogs i cannot tame
lone sounds of walking feet
destroyed the serenity of the street

To pass by a funeral
gambling souls and their capital
for at least I'm not alone
if a thief Love's my cellular phone

Continue walking was i
to skulk on evils eye
to pass a church of blackbirds
and evade the Carabao turds

Alone i am again
a time later than ten
a crying voice is not a joke
at store, i bought a zero coke

Near i am and home far not
to run upon a scary lot
i got the keys and opened fast
and then i am at home at last

Monday, March 17, 2008

The last dance of Terpsichore

Quick palpitations of lightnings veins
acknowledged the Nimbus' silhouette
a backdrop of grandeur reigns
made of Luna's' hidden coronet

The clouds roll, still is the flashing
a canvas great of black and Grey
as one may see, are the gods warring?
a timid thunder silenced away

From every flash a pendulum stops
witness to the swirling of hues
of dark origins for heavens' drop
simultaneous, magnanimous

A feat of marvel to appraise
at night when the snoring died
on this roof, a raindrop felt my face
Its time for me to get inside

Saturday, March 15, 2008

A supposed recognition day

And i begin to taste the salty beads
Sweat that is of sparkling glory of heat
Finding the comfort of my pouty lips
My aching buttocks from a sturdy seat
Looking in my right is an empty chair
Before me, the alien people from Mars
A common stimulus i cant watch bare
To them I'm not one; distant as the stars
All was silent except me to a time
When an over-rated credential spoke
Of a topic on how to earn a dime
I farted on an ineffective joke
From the corners of my sleep, i came late
A blank paper for my excellent state

Friday, March 14, 2008

The fall of billion lives

Clear skies after the beads drop
brought sustenance to the crop
touched the rosy bud
and stirred chocolatey mud

The beads fell hard
and loam stood unguard
rained never like this
Ants stuck on their lease

Earth is the face
of a water-based race
rain is its tears
Joyful, as life it rears

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ostracized by a broken silence

She looked so pale
am i again perplexed?
a sudden gale
Oh my! she's so depressed

I came to greet
but then the mood turned dour
to have a seat
a feeble voice went sour

Is she annoyed?
of me whose wish is talk
now i am coyed
away I'm forced to walk

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lancets and Syringes

Needles are friendly when you're sick
they aren't angry when they prick
their lone concern is your health
a long to regulate your breath

sizes and shapes come differently
fluids they spew in your cavity
all you have to do is cringe
and feel the sweet smiling Syringe

Oft they bleed my fingers tip
a crimson drop; the vial sip
for now i know, they're here to stay
to slay and keep the pain away

Monday, March 10, 2008

Parade of the raped

Deaf it is not, our forest school
it is a Gong that wakes the whole
teenage army on the verge
of bringing down a demon's urge

Black subdues the early sun
the shirts of all the mourning shun
we marched and filled the streetly scene
sympathy fueled our shouts and scream

It was the day we painted black
a town discreet of such attack
the rape of one is rape of all
we're here to make our justice call

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Songs of unvirgin sobs

Today the world has gone mad
a girl got raped; taken away
our school, a forest peopled with bad
sexual predators there they lay

I imagine how they did it
the way they broke the tender
tremors of barging man meat
trees listened a sad song rendered

they threw her like a used condom
naked, cold, and vulnerable
misery raised the city of Sodom
between the legs, pain is unbearable

Friday, March 7, 2008

Give drink to the thirsty

Once a shadowed ground
raindrops fell; a trickling sound
a leaf it has found

Millions come around
as the great Sun is uncrowned
bring joy to the frowned

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Whispers from San Lorenzo Ward

I have known of a castle great
blasted winds; fumes from the east
groaning walls of complications
from diseased demon incantations
nights that i lay beside
the Artisans of Apollo reside
my needle tortured fingertips
to third degree antibiotic drips
from rooms of inconstant lights
uncertain curtain frights
ghosts that visit me hourly
getting signs of my vitality
collecting juices from my guts
boredom made me nuts
if only i had squashed the thing
i would never be guest to a king