Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Lover is not a Lover, He is a Pig

If i was leaner, thinner
muscles bulging all over
Biceps, Triceps, abdominal muscles
in perfectly fit clothes
If i was prim, formal
with a bow-tie, classy shoes
mouth vomiting foreign accent
if i was rich and able
i could buy you
your happiness
If i was stylish, fashionable
you can easily display
like an earring or a dress
If i was normal, conventional
Who could always say yes
and follow you like a dog
you can always drag
If i was easy, smooth
So i could agree with all of your friends
And talk to you about relations
im always confused
If i was organized, arranged
without stain
Like a prince
in your favorite films
If i was more sophisticated
and knew all the things in this world
if i was able to take you there
If i was clean
well shaven
without a trace of fat and sin
I could be more of a Lover.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sky Blue and Orange


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Black Cat

Black Cat

Of this lake
So silent
Like the floating hyacinths

Staring, envying the birds who dive for snack
A cat, whose fur is lonesome black
Sits upon the bamboo floor
Sits upon the door
Where miles and miles of thoughts lay
Slothful above the waters
Dancing the warm winds slow.

At the center in the heart of this lake
Where the fishes go stout of peaceful tide and prey

The cat dreams
Of dreams of sun-borne beams
Beaming from the holes on the walls
Bringing to light
The invisible dusts
Of dreams of kingdoms found beneath
The stillness of Velcro-weeds intertwining
With blooms
So rich as
The finest drapery
Of the Siamese fighting fish
Swimming in his dreams
In the water-colored depths
where air does not breathe.

The cat sleeps at the center of this lake
Detached from a world
Where dreams don’t breathe.