Wednesday, July 22, 2009

TAGGED - 5 school Facts of Geek

Xegben tagged me, hearken!!!

1. I hate delays, though i am always late (ironic), and i hate when things get complicated. i want everything to run smoothly. i hate math related subjects and i am superior in literature related subjects. i am vocal in class recitation, i mean it.

2. table tennis is equated with my studies and i consider myself good . I've been playing since elementary and it has taken me to places i never been. i am athletic, my mom always scold me because she insists that table tennis was the reason that i was thrown out of the honor roll when i was in high school. it did.

3. I'm a frustrated musician, i had a band before, and we disbanded., ive been in two bands once when i was in highschool (sophicsunion) and one in college (CED band)i miss the guys. and my guitar is already filled with rusts.

4. Im not good at girls. i dont know, i just know im not. im active at organizations and im pressured this school year, chief editor (the Mentor) managing editor (mintech) both school papers, Varsity table tennis, Member of the debating team, leader of the poetry readings every friday afternoons.... ^_^

5. Im a poet. and im non-social, drink alone, strawberry margarita and blue cola breezer, hahaha. im mean looking and intimidating. i hate Social climbers. i wear my beard, mustache and goatee. imagine... im a future teacher... maybe.

so there you are

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