Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Purging Lake

Paddling down its silvery waters
Running my fingers through its placidity
Seeing the reflection of lovers
Below the great Grey clouds
Feeling nothing but intimacy
Love that became the shroud
Of protection and sanctuary
For this black hearted crowd
That makes us oil and water
Forbidding joy and laughter

At dawn the rays caress the hills
Of golden hues that takes away
The spell of drowse and chills
And thoughts of destruction
Against the sworn knot we lay
The will is His’ of our destination
In the remaining shafts of ray
Today, in this beautiful lake
We say goodbye to a fray
And move on as life we take

Beautiful Solstices

The river dries, the master aches
if you've been mute for days
the rain cries, the Sun bakes
the overused cliches

the eye reddens, the mucus drips
an infected fork or spoon
the joy lessens, the blister creeps
drama will die soon

the toes gone cold, the muscles twitch
and lockjaw is at peak
the will is told, the dying switch
buried under teak

Monday, February 18, 2008

Dare not to make a parody

Too ambitious i am tonight
Writing these scripts in my dreams
of my wanting to stream
an ambitious semi-lie right?

A council of me often i ask
to pursue this apex or not
but time is my enemy for the task
of emptying a Shakespearean flask

A mix of difficulty it is
and i, a commoner, too ambitious for this
an epic tale of love and tragedy
enemy forever is this time in peace

star-crossed lovers they are known
scratching my head is a thought
time too was the scarcest to bestow
love and happiness they ought

am i to decide, am i worthy?
of a woeful masterpiece of him
i dare not to make a parody
said i, will find another story

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Empty can of Sardines

Its always like this for poor Juan
always wearing a miserable masks
like Phantom in no theater
This morning a teacher he asks
For answers he needs for the better
Poor Juan pricked only by scolding pins
Juan, another empty can of Sardines

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Not my softdrink

A stained glass vessel
sitting with me
on a poorly constructed
canteen table on the trees
surrounded mysteriously
by homosexuals hungry
of fantasies of night

gazes haunted me
eyes of red and sinful
things that are of blissful
plans to get my drink
and empty it bottoms-up
I carried myself and left
allowing not but a single drop

Monday, February 11, 2008

My memories of Thermophylae

The passing of the days hardened our limbs
of pure ceramic and mountain marble
the gushing seconds sharpened our minds
like a dagger always and forever humble
as we marched fort a narrow valley
we savor the fear of the cold
a thousand fold men grinned their fangs
as we dances both sweat and blood
we paced for death by five nights
i heard the wails of wounded flesh
of those who now numb of cold
saliva quenched their thirst
one by one on blissful rage
we severed heads that flung high
like tender bamboo shoots
life bursting with crimson fountain
that drenched my armor, a torso i split
a foreign thing lunged through my veins
an arrow made me decomposer's meat
i fell to the ground, no pain it felt
What started as we now left an i
a comrade i noticed lying beside me
said that we are going to die
i closed his eyes, as he slept
with a period a sentence is done
never i dreamed of seeing my home
but to wake an empires pride
its a great honor that we died

Mascuf memories

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Symptoms of being alone

tomorrow will die
gentle sky will cry
alone in the dark
left with a broken heart

Sorrow come penetrate me
sweet suffering bring me sadness
beautiful agony, weep of blood and tears
deafening silence, you must die

I am in solitude yet smiling and steady
madness and creativity bring out the best in me

By my friend, Mr. Julius Czar Bayan

Friday, February 8, 2008

Barks and vines club

Stumble on a party
of peaceful solemnity
humbled my entourage
a firm bowing gesture
the steady sound of music
played by cicadan ensemble
turned on a statue dance
of lived beings sturdy
standing with dangling
vines rich of dried Chrysalises
to block the glaring
disco ball sun

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Toxic fart machines

slowly is the rusting
of our breathing apparatuses
in a sphere covered by fart
from mechanical beasts
born of vanity's frontier
to satisfy a need in constant
ignoring of painful consequences
of death and damnation

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

We won MASCUF 2008!

we (USM table tennis team) won the championship for the last four consecutive yours, that is something to be proud of... the battle of greats took place in Bukidnon state university, a place of cold that alienated my senses. but will to win dominated me and my team and we were able to slug it out with all our best. and we've won. four time in a row can you imagine that! Wow. just living to the legends of the seniors who started it. we just continued it with pride. together with the whole USM delegation, it was truly an unforgetable experience!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Lucifer hates the world

Im a poet who dwells in sadness
all the is gloom is my ally
i see only the stain in pieces of paper
and exaggerate when i write
when they are wrong and i am right
my ego says its much safer
to be cunning and to never lie
and avoid the worlds kindness
when people bow to a highness
gain nothing but a slavish cry
dares not to draw his sabre
im left here in my impius rite

Friday, February 1, 2008

Palette of contrasting hues

The rainbow has many colors
its a celebration of life
from the creator praised by his people
they say how great thou art
with a psalter of joy
but too early to be soon
man has darkside like the moon
that murder is now an art
nothing more but a loss of life
a sickly prostitute named joy
black zephyr is the city's color
painted by heartless people