Friday, November 23, 2007

I joined an essay writng contest today

so this is my very first time to join a contest like this, as you see. i was really not so excited about it but, i enjoyed it,
I'm not expecting to win. but to gain experience instead.
the University Library was the venue of it...
there were lots of people and its hard to concentrate on what you are doing..

and i think joining a contest like this is punk rock!
learning cool stuff and expressing your feelings.

this are elvish texts
i am fan of LOTR you know
Tolkien is a genius

Saturday, November 17, 2007

1st davao class B tournament

whew weeeh ....
it was really fun
the tournament is well organized, form the playing venue, up to the players and officiating, and with luck on our side, we the USM table tennis team, made it 1st place in the team event, its an honor, the picture tells the aura of play in the venue,
it was held in the davao wisdom academy, a very good school......

Friday, November 16, 2007

After life, there is more

What dreams may come


Doctor Chris Nielson meets his true soul mate Annie, marries her and has two children. The children die in a car accident, and Chris dies four years after that. Ending up in heaven, he is guided by friendly guardian angel Albert through the afterlife, and he is reunited with his dog and children. But when he finds out his wife had committed suicide, he desperately searches for her spirit, journeying through Heaven and Hell along the way. Written by L. Lim {}


you know what? i really like this movie., just saw it today., it was released in 1998 and yet i had seen it a mere 2 hours ago. in my girlfriends house. it was all so good and i was so touched by it. Robin Williams really did a great job there. i was crying at the climax of it, this movie definitely will be on my list of favorite movies promise! the story is so nice! i merely could not express what i feel now but im trying, with this movie., ive been enlightened., in many ways possible, that life is short. and that hell is terrifying, and i dont want to be there no way! i love my family, and i need to love them as long as i live... cause after all. its just a heartbeat in heaven, this life.......

Thursday, November 15, 2007

You left

You left

All alone in this dim room you left me
its hard to breathe now cause you are away
we had shared our plans and life to be
And now's a new phase, a look of dismay
How sharped thy words that stabbed my heart to death
Love has been so kind, yet wise to break free
up here stucked in my thoughts, paining my breath
a shattered piece of china you and me
please dont put a period to our story
im still holdin on to a piece of hope
yes! its really hard to say sorry
trying to fight back the call of the rope
you are the one who spoiled our love today
oh my love i have nothing else to say


Wednesday, November 14, 2007



It is protected by a calcite shell
inside is a mass of living tissue
it has originated from one cell
Soaked in fluid, provides its food issue
Cracking the shell id the way to eat it
start at the blunt pole and suck the juice out
then enjoy the flesh after you sip it
a savory tastes that pleasures the mouth
Eighteen days is all it take to prepare
and it is an art that requires no luck
you boil the egg and handle it with care
How i pity the fragile unborn duck
this is the fate of the Balut duckling
its way swimming in the stomach lining




The taking away of worldly pleasures
known and renowned in a five year journey
their contribution cannot be measured
they; the pillars influenced me greatly
in my thoughts they brought me under the bridge
gave me freedom to express who i am
Physically poor but mentally rich
maybe i am less a man without them
Painters of truth; songs of the century
Being hypocrites; never mind atleast
Pioneers of grunge; solid melody
My musical heroes Kurt, Dave and Krist
I believe it was a golden era
Deep within me the soul of Nirvana


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

1st davao class "b" open table tennis tournament

Class “B” Team Event

Champion: Metro Davao Table Tennis Association (MEDATTA)
a) Bernard Quevido
b) Genie Ablanque

1st Runner up: University of Southern Mindanao Team B
a) Gerald Galindez
b) Arresteo Olivar
c) Michael Agudo

2nd Runner up: Telof Table Tennis Club (TETATEC 2)
a) Wilbert Lim
b) Jose Mari Gentica
c) Wenceslao Ocampo

3rd Runner up: Team Gensan
a) Benjie Hilado
b) Kevin Hilado
c) Teddy Pagunsan

Class “B” Singles Event

Champion: Genie Ablanque (Davao City)
1st Runner up: Arnulfo Reosora (Davao City)
2nd Runner up: Michael Quevido (Makilala, North Cotabato)
3rd Runner up: Albert Lariosa (Kidapawan City)

Class “A” Singles Event

Champion: Arnold Ang (MEDATTA)
1st Runner up: Zoren Patrick Mendiola (STTC)
2nd Runner up: Alex Ang (MEDATTA)
3rd Runner up: Philip Belderol (MEDATTA)