Saturday, December 17, 2011



There is nothing to write about.
The mind is cloudy like today,
Eyes unclear and moist like the window panes
Both gaze upon the sunless sky
With thoughts drowned of last night’s gin.
The grey heavens are easier to look at
When there is nothing to write about
except the nothingness prevailing.
An art reliant on time and experience
It laments in fated lethargy.
Dragonflies are mere dragonflies
Hovering on the grey heavens
Flowers plainly flowers
Ignored by the grey heavens
Poets are mere humans
Tired below the grey heavens
And all the things literal
Common, dead, nothing
When there is nothing to write about
except nothingness.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

DHS-PF4 PS792 oversized blade (pingpong racket)

I purchased this vintage blade in Koronadal city last month. In a clearance sale price, very cheap! Its in good condition and its the one I'm looking for
(an over-sized blade)

Hmm. this is vintage. im having this thought that maybe in the past a Chinese master ( e.g. ding song) sold his racket to a Filipino and found its way into my hands, if that's the case? then this DHS PF4 ps 792 is lEGEND

Because i love ping pong. i will name this new racket
ROTOP!(Revenge of the old Panda).

First impression. I think this would make a great combo-blade for modern defense kind of game. I'm planning to put a fast red plain rubber on one side (RITC-higher red) and (CTT pogo ox black) on the other side.

The wood ply is very solid, it has 7 plies all in all. with an incredibly unique handle. the handle is very thin which is good for twiddling and chopping with control.

I sealed it with a quick drying adhesive (mighty bond) so that it would last long and improve its bounce.

I will give my reviews on its over-all performance next post. good day! thanks for reading.

(is this supposed to be a poetry site?....... not anymore)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Songs for Yahweh!