Friday, August 31, 2007

Winning is not at all important

of what it seems to be a prestigious event, a table tennis tournament that every table tennis player is willing to join, the determinant of greatness among players in our province, the gathering of diverse culture, the union of separated brothers and sisters of our homeland, all in one game that started it all.,, in the three days grace that we've journeyed, the perspirations, muscle cramps, backaches, headaches and blistered sore toes and other parts of the body.weve taken them all, the mental teasers ive been, all came out honored and flown with flying colors like the vintas of zamboanga,after all the toil ive got the ever elusive 2nd place in this tourney ruled by older men, dominating all over armed with their experience and veterans psychology., and ive proven my worth to them. every ounce of strength not wasted for me, every ligament almost torn and cruel exhaustion,. i thought everything is forever this way., all the people thier posed their menacing features. some silent like a deep river, some are like volcanoes echoing., the gym were at, its like humongous, its not like that im ignoramus or something,its just its a big piece of concrete, the place was quiet until we came and took over the floor, its slippery and not pleasant to play with
every game played was not wasted, it feels good winning, and it feels not that bad when losing., but its much better to win (chuckles). in each game, im with myself, hearing the beating of my own heart inside of me, doing right decisions i must take with lightning speed at once or else ill get eaten alive by 0ldermen, in each game i played, it all becomes clear and present to me, the art of winning and finishing ones opponent before they can back with their momentum., oh it feels so good. feels so nice felt good, feel good, no regrets at all. after the day was done, i sat alone in my cognitive thinking garden, reflecting and thinking, like im wasnt like the great thinkers before, but certainly thinking. reflecting and thinking hard.,
and suddenly i came up with one essential point of view and a principle, then i thought of the people im with, with that tourney. the faces that ive saw and looked at me as a person, the eyes that saw my soul, one that did not deprived his/her hand.
the tongue that gave advises and morale, the people im with all the way., the friends
and the people ive met, they've been so good to me and i thank the good lord for bringing me unto them., ive been to selfish for myself., and these people here., made me.wat i am now,growing boy, who used to be a child, thus, i will never disappoint them, for whatever ive learned to them, ill take and cherish., and i hope they'll stay the same, maybe not forever because life is a constant change, but for times we humans need each other, the complexity of us, made us no man will never be an island, and thats the thing that struck me., and with you friends, winning the tourney is not the most important thing. but the things that matters most is the friendship you've garnered and the learnings of life you've taken. i believe

Gerald "Geek" Galindez

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pingpong Blood in me

as you can see my dear friends.,
ive been in the business for almost 6 years na
ive seen action, a lot of them
and i can say that im still growing, you know what im saying?
this past week, was a pingpong tour for me.,
ive traveled far just to play a game i loved since then,
this game is fast paced and needs determination and concentration
to at least stay erected.,lol
pingpong really boosts your mental capacities, coz not only it keeps you thinking
it also tease your brains with techniques and strategies and keeps you physically fit
and healthy, just like the ever popular badminton,
i must admit that this is a quite expensive game.,
its a plus point if you have goos equipment and orientation
im pretty much challenged each and everyttime we play outside the town
nd being varsity is not a big joke,,
you must commit yourself
in return to the benefits you get from the school.
everytime i see me dancing in the pingpong court..
i laugh at my self., for quite no reason at all.
this blood is runnin through me and for what i can see.
i will carry on this, until my one last breath.


Friday, August 10, 2007

out stairway

frozen by time!

girl on 110

just came out of nowhere!

"hindi lahjat ng umiinom ng softdrinks mayaman"

"Not all soft drink drinkers are rich!"

i know its a little bit weird
but i posted it there for a reason.
at first glance you may see it as nonsense or irrelevant but if you take a closer look and if you open your minds to the possibilities that surrounds it, you will see the bright side of it. i believe in Robert plants saying " every word has two meanings" so this shoutout of mine is a concrete example of how powerful mind is.
"hindi lahat ng umiinom ng sofdrinks mayaman"
-you see, i have this friend who told me how hard his life had been, and thought mayaman lang ang umiinom ng softdrinks! and i was struck by it myself., and with that i quickly thought of the 50million poor filipinos living in poverty., living in vain and suffering, the social injustices that prowls the low class people
its not impossible that a little juan could utter my friends words, due too the pressure brought by
the triangle, the elites being on top and the poor masses at the bottom ., thus, making this statement sensefull afterall

Gerald .....

Friday, August 3, 2007


Alam ko lahat ng nalalaman mo
sa simulat sapul ng kabihasnan
ako'y purihin mo ang nagturo sayo
lahat ng bagay dito sa mundo
nung ika'y bata, ako ang naglilok
ang numero ng buhay iyong ginamit
sa araw-araw gawai'y gabundok
Ang sibika at syensya at ang awit
inaliw kita sa aking mga pakpak
mga luhang pinatulo ng aking letra
pinakain kita, ang sikmura'y hungkag
nangapula ang iyong mga mata sa kakabasa
hwag mo ako itapon at baliwalain
ang utang na loob mo sa akin.