Friday, August 10, 2007

"hindi lahjat ng umiinom ng softdrinks mayaman"

"Not all soft drink drinkers are rich!"

i know its a little bit weird
but i posted it there for a reason.
at first glance you may see it as nonsense or irrelevant but if you take a closer look and if you open your minds to the possibilities that surrounds it, you will see the bright side of it. i believe in Robert plants saying " every word has two meanings" so this shoutout of mine is a concrete example of how powerful mind is.
"hindi lahat ng umiinom ng sofdrinks mayaman"
-you see, i have this friend who told me how hard his life had been, and thought mayaman lang ang umiinom ng softdrinks! and i was struck by it myself., and with that i quickly thought of the 50million poor filipinos living in poverty., living in vain and suffering, the social injustices that prowls the low class people
its not impossible that a little juan could utter my friends words, due too the pressure brought by
the triangle, the elites being on top and the poor masses at the bottom ., thus, making this statement sensefull afterall

Gerald .....

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