Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pingpong Blood in me

as you can see my dear friends.,
ive been in the business for almost 6 years na
ive seen action, a lot of them
and i can say that im still growing, you know what im saying?
this past week, was a pingpong tour for me.,
ive traveled far just to play a game i loved since then,
this game is fast paced and needs determination and concentration
to at least stay erected.,lol
pingpong really boosts your mental capacities, coz not only it keeps you thinking
it also tease your brains with techniques and strategies and keeps you physically fit
and healthy, just like the ever popular badminton,
i must admit that this is a quite expensive game.,
its a plus point if you have goos equipment and orientation
im pretty much challenged each and everyttime we play outside the town
nd being varsity is not a big joke,,
you must commit yourself
in return to the benefits you get from the school.
everytime i see me dancing in the pingpong court..
i laugh at my self., for quite no reason at all.
this blood is runnin through me and for what i can see.
i will carry on this, until my one last breath.


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