Wednesday, May 30, 2007

i havent posts something interesting here, did i? lol, maybe this was not meant to., i must not get to expressive here. i must not., but the most interesting part is im enrolled again and again start the class on may 5th. I've been keeping in touch with my uncle in the past few days, and man! we really missed a lot of times its been years since we first met., and enjoying the guitar he gave me this summer., tnx

i have really good times with my girlfriend this week, covering some arguments and solving them them as fast as we can to avoid complications. lol., there have been many happenings around me and i cant seem to express them to you,

Chuuk lagoon is the picture, its called the jeep island, this was the stage point where japan attacked pearl harbor.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

i dreamt of

its been a few days since i posted, and it feels so good having a break of seeing the eye straining computers, and now im up again, face to face with it , but for a short while.,... yes, i dreamt of something special, something that will make my manhood complete. lol, i know what youre thinking, but its not its what you call "TRUE LOVE"and i love her so much, it feels so being reunited with your family, i realized, i was away from home for a while and they missed me so much., but anything else i would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my girlfriend for being so sweet and supportive in the last few days, though i cant deny the fact that i mised her so much.,,, and it wouldnt be long till i reunite with her again, im so excited., we txted each other so much that every peso spent to her is nothing compared to the hapiness she is giving me.,, going to college is difficult, you need to sacrifice many things in order for you to pass any subject, plus the agonizing homesickness you felt being away with your family,., i may not be a good son to them, but i surely love them so much,, there have been many changes in our home, many hapenings i missed, some ae good some are bad, but then, they are still my family., and being the eldest amongst the two of us makes it hard, for i must take responsibility of certain things., i dreamt of my family, together with my future wife, and i know i have to strive hard and finish my studies in order for my dream to become reality.,..... just finished my table tennis practice now with my former team, and man they really beat the crap out of me hehehe/..,

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A night with my girlfriend

i never thought i could have one, since i was so ill manered and moody. but then it hit me lol. it was supposed to be my depature from going home, and she ask me me to stay cause she wasted to have time with me. that was so sweet.i was surprised when she offered me a YanYan. a cookie treat that you need to dip into a chocolate sauce.we were kind of kids when we played with it. lol. being in the water made us feeling relaxed and soothed, it was all but romantic. it was the first time we had time in the pool. and we enjoyed it the whole night, after all the moments. i take her home back safely. and thanked her for the night.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Why God created the rainbow ?

I woke up in Church today and finally had a good and satisfying sleep, we had a gathering in the church, its our spiritual retreat. and together with my girlfriend. its a retreat so therefore we should settle all our arguments and have fun. i will be going home this afternoon and i miss my family. No DOTA today, so much of that tiring game, you'll be beaten hard anyway lol. Why God created the rainbow was the title because we had a group activity and that was the question that was give to me, scientificaly. its all about the tiny little droplets of water that was reflected by the suns ray and thus giving its roy g. biv appearace. in the bibile its simple a remembrance of God's covenant to us according to our retreat master. and i believe, from noah's story which was my own favourite since i was a child. in literature, it was said that at the end of a rainbow is a pot of gold, which is a metapohr for something else., you should follow that rainbow and get the price. which ios simply striving hard to reach your goal.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Fun minus health

i haven't got sufficient sleep time last night because i was busy playing with my pals, i admit the it was really fun, but the bitter side is in the morning you'll end up like a zombie, with your eye bags ready to erupt,and your head turning. then i waked up on a three hour nap, and felt laziness all over me that was so annoying. plus you add our new argument with my girlfriend, a complete knockout., i think ill gonna reach the 70kilogram mark lol. and you know what? i have a problem.
i cant seem to think of a blog title before i start., many titles, but i like the best ones., so i chose "Fun Minus Health" did you get it.

New fun word alert.,

"Gahineh" meaning "i am hard" LOL

thats my musical hero there, meet the late Kurt C0bain
Didnt i tell you im a guitar player?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

A cup of milk before i sleep

Another lazy day have passed, and all i can think is how to make my life more healthy. just like in my situation now., i am sleep deprived and over exposed to my uncle's computers and the most special thing is that i am gaining lots of weight,, i call it, Couch potatoes., whew! look at my big belly., me and my girlfriend had an argument today, a sort of misunderstanding, it was all to worst. but thank God, it was settled.,its kinda funny when i cant think of a title for my blog and had to log in several times before a bell ringed, much more of neophyte on
well look what had just happened today. I've never won a single game with my friends today. we were on to the new generation game called DOTA. i surely miss the good old days, the marios and luigis, MOrtal combat and Play station, vigilante and metal slug, those were the days, gaming is now one of the major source of recreation among people, and these get better and better all
the time. i hope it will not reach the point where one cant anymore distinguish reality from fantasy.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Day of the underdogs

Finally after all these years, the Utah Jazz has finally reached the Western Conference finals, they will be matched up upon who's gonna win in the Spurs Suns match-up., its quite interesting seeing a good cinderella story, being beaten in the last season., and now they are back with full composure.,lets see whats in store for them as they reach the peak of their franchise.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Making the life out of my fingertips

pure boringness is the sound here on the internet cafe where i wrote this blog. i have gained 15 pounds of weight since i graduated in highschool and now im 17, its such a weird feeling, heavy and lazy.. i have spent the whole afternoon with my girlfriend and have good time with her., shes the only one who can make me happy. really., and losing her is like losing my life., i will prove to her that not all men are all alike., in writing this blog, i must accept the fact that im actually making and storing my own life, and until the day i die, i would like you all to know what really happened to me., my story., when all of a sudden you grow up and totally see different things around you, when you feel the urge inside you, i would like to call it the stage of exploration and curiousity. and to tell you, it feels so good, yes i did it, and i love her., you see im not a verbal person, but you dont want to mess with me when it comes to writing, i just dont get it, i am not perfect, and i wish i was.
you may or never see me, but you'll know when you read me,, hope these weight problem wont push itself to the limit or else, my career is gone,, welcome to my world!