Thursday, May 17, 2007

A cup of milk before i sleep

Another lazy day have passed, and all i can think is how to make my life more healthy. just like in my situation now., i am sleep deprived and over exposed to my uncle's computers and the most special thing is that i am gaining lots of weight,, i call it, Couch potatoes., whew! look at my big belly., me and my girlfriend had an argument today, a sort of misunderstanding, it was all to worst. but thank God, it was settled.,its kinda funny when i cant think of a title for my blog and had to log in several times before a bell ringed, much more of neophyte on
well look what had just happened today. I've never won a single game with my friends today. we were on to the new generation game called DOTA. i surely miss the good old days, the marios and luigis, MOrtal combat and Play station, vigilante and metal slug, those were the days, gaming is now one of the major source of recreation among people, and these get better and better all
the time. i hope it will not reach the point where one cant anymore distinguish reality from fantasy.

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