Friday, May 18, 2007

Fun minus health

i haven't got sufficient sleep time last night because i was busy playing with my pals, i admit the it was really fun, but the bitter side is in the morning you'll end up like a zombie, with your eye bags ready to erupt,and your head turning. then i waked up on a three hour nap, and felt laziness all over me that was so annoying. plus you add our new argument with my girlfriend, a complete knockout., i think ill gonna reach the 70kilogram mark lol. and you know what? i have a problem.
i cant seem to think of a blog title before i start., many titles, but i like the best ones., so i chose "Fun Minus Health" did you get it.

New fun word alert.,

"Gahineh" meaning "i am hard" LOL

thats my musical hero there, meet the late Kurt C0bain
Didnt i tell you im a guitar player?

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