Sunday, June 2, 2013



It’s the need to dress this mortal wound
That I came rushing to your door
                  You opened up a bit
                               Just enough to see your face, you said

“Hold on, it will just pass, that same wound brought me to hiding”.

There was a moment of silence like midnight,

Stars aligned in the cosmos,
                 suddenly there was no pain

There was no pain, 
Snowflakes drop into Saharan sand
Raindrops fill the barren land
And there was flooding
                                                An outpouring
Of some kind of mysterious energy
There was no pain

At the summit of a mountain
Delicious coldness numbs the wound

                When you opened up a bit
                                 just enough for me to see your face.

Sunday, May 19, 2013



For the hearts that cannot wait
I wish you all the goodness of sleep
So that every waking day
There’ll be no unhappiness,
No third world memories lingering in your constricted mind

To the Snaking dunes of desert land
You lay your back to melting sand
You breathe the grains
And cannot lift your gilded hand

Lucid dreams in the city of hate
Countless bitter people you create
As the desert storms recede
So are the feelings of love
                                                Forced out, vomited
                                                Through the nose it went writhing
                                                Forming mud

That love, that mud.
Formed into an Asp
                                                Poisoned, swallowed
                                                Her mild, gentle heart
                                                                So precious, fragile

Death creeps in the heart.

                                To the hearts that cannot wait.