Friday, August 22, 2008

An Analogy

Gays and rebels are the same
They want something hard to claim
Rebels want the lands even
Gays they want to sip semen

Gays and rebels talk silly
They act and dress more freely
Rebels steal and burn houses
Gays predate and wear blouses

Gays and rebels share a goal
Fire in the hole! Anus hole!
They keep bragging off their deeds
And liking it when it bleeds

Gays and rebels terrorize
The norm of us civilized
Gays they seek for penile fun
And the rebels cheer is gun

As these gays flock the suburbs
Rebels also in numbers
March the line of peace for war
Gays they do it in the bar

Oh! and let us not forget
Both these perverts have their set
Of leaders whose intellect
Coincide their dull defect

Fluent use of odd discourse
These gays' way to intercourse
Rebels make and use their codes
Then later a bomb explodes

They compliment each other
As innocence they shatter
Their hearts, something lunged inside
Is where a thrombus reside

If you see this as insult
Try to see first the tumult
They caused our society
Adds to my anxiety

Due to their perversity
Both made good analogy
Their genus flourished since then
Will God castigate these men?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

He speaks of bullets, yet he loves peace

Who are you, who planted hate
On our rich and tranquil ground
Tilled by our forefathers great
With their hands and sweat of toil

Now you come and you proclaim
In a provocative tone
That this land is yours to claim
To corrupt, infect and own

You said its the way to peace
If we'll just heed and follow
So you can plunder with ease
And hang us in your gallows

Gallows of your monarchy
And capitalistic ways
To secure your dynasty
With a vile and greedy face

Leaving us miserable
In a preposterous lead
So bitter, so terrible
That is why we must not heed

To sign the bargain of fools
Maybe, like tying a noose
On our necks to feed the ghouls
Whose desire for power rules

In the sign of crescent moon
You hide behind armaments
That speaks of pogrom, and soon
Harvest hate and arguments

The old scar incised again
Blood will run to it once more
To fertilize the soil when
Men think of others no more

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Minsan Sa Silid Aklatan

Sa aking pag-iisa
Kasama ang mga aklat
Nakatiwang-wang sa lamesa't
Inaamag ang pabalat

Ang pahinang maalikabok
Na naninilaw sa kalumaan
Dinidinig nito ang tibok
Ng puso ko'ng may kahinaan

Sa bintana ko'y tanaw
Ang kaway ng mga dahon
Na sa puno'y ginagalaw
Ng mga engkanto sa hapon

Lagi sa dakong tahimik
Sa mata ko'y nagpatalim
Tumakbo man ang mga titik
At magtago sa dilim

Ngayon sa paglamong marahan
Ng gabi at pagtahan ng ihip
Sa hapong may kapighatian
Ang mundo ko'y sinisilip

Damdami'y walang lungkot
Sa pag-iisang sinadya
Maging hangin may sangkot
Sa pagbuo ng tula


Once In The Library

In my loneliness
Accompanied by books
Laid on the table
Molds on its cover

The dusty page
Yellowing of age
Hears the heartbeat
of my weak heart

Behind the windows, i see
The waving of the leaves
Of the trees being moved
By Elves of the afternoon

Always on a silent nook
My eyes are sharpened
If the letters should run
And hide in the shadows

Now, the slow swallowing
Of night and the breezes pause
On a lonely afternoon
The world i peak

My gloom less mood
A deliberate loneliness
Even the winds have part
On wielding poem