Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I smile, I have a secret

I smile, i have a secret
No one knew it, maybe you
Hidden deep and locked secure
Only i can give the clue

I smile, i have a secret
Do you really have to know?
Its been with you all the time
They, even me dare not go

I smile, i have a secret
A dark matter in a core
Burning, swelling over time
A corrupted soul it bore

Now it lay dormant no more
The darkest of energies
Found their way into the core
Concealed in flesh and of glee

Turbulent in its restrain
Like steam trapped inside a pot
Or acid on virgin coke
Its a cancer that is not

How it longed for its release
From its closed obsidian shell
Forged by disguised emotions
Of the bearer of the shell

Its growth i cannot impede
Its depth and darkness innate
Light itself diminishes
Before its vehement state

It remained, but breathes no air
For i will never forget
Its rumblings, i thought was pain
I smile, i have a secret

Still it haunts my potent soul
all of me it wants to get
Violent if its released
I smile, i have a secret

Take heed of what you don't see
Behind a thorny thicket
Are unknown uncertainties
I smile, i have a secret

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Coveteous Hands

Debtor, wherever art thou
I'm sure thee is gratified
For tonight's lucent moonlight
Has conceived a vengeful vow

Thy happiness ended mine
Cause thy filthy hands are swift
Snitched away my fathers gift
Don't expect that i am fine

Shall i describe what it felt
When a newt severe its tail
there is no air to inhale
The ice of ones patience melt

So bale thy agile fingers
Itching, skin of thy envy
Wanting more insatiably
Like an unforgiven curse

Presence of thy unseen form
like a specter of discord
Looting all that thee adored
when our eyes omits thy form

Debtor, thou art now vanished
Took my merriment with ease
Potent like a dead-cold breeze
Thou came, thou passed, unpunished