Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I smile, I have a secret

I smile, i have a secret
No one knew it, maybe you
Hidden deep and locked secure
Only i can give the clue

I smile, i have a secret
Do you really have to know?
Its been with you all the time
They, even me dare not go

I smile, i have a secret
A dark matter in a core
Burning, swelling over time
A corrupted soul it bore

Now it lay dormant no more
The darkest of energies
Found their way into the core
Concealed in flesh and of glee

Turbulent in its restrain
Like steam trapped inside a pot
Or acid on virgin coke
Its a cancer that is not

How it longed for its release
From its closed obsidian shell
Forged by disguised emotions
Of the bearer of the shell

Its growth i cannot impede
Its depth and darkness innate
Light itself diminishes
Before its vehement state

It remained, but breathes no air
For i will never forget
Its rumblings, i thought was pain
I smile, i have a secret

Still it haunts my potent soul
all of me it wants to get
Violent if its released
I smile, i have a secret

Take heed of what you don't see
Behind a thorny thicket
Are unknown uncertainties
I smile, i have a secret

6 Angelic comments:

kathleenmaher said...

Your site looks ever more intriguing, Gerald, and your poems are more moving and honest than ever. Why do you call your blog, "Satirical Poetry," you do not saterize, but always write from the heart--it seems to me.

Xegben said... back...
back from hibernation gerald still up for more poems....
nice poem rather
i'll try to read more of your poems if i have the freedom of time

Anonymous said...

waw. namiss ko itong blog mo..hehe..masasabi ko lang, elegante yung pagkakagawa mo ng mga tula mo..hindi siya flambouyant tulad ng ibang "glorious nonsense" na tula..simple pero profound..keep it up..

Gerald Galindez said...

- Thanks for the comment kath, you know, thats what ive been trying to correct this times... because i seem to feel the freedom of boundless expression through verses.. exploring and not stagnating in satire...
But this is what the site is called so, i will keep it... ^^

Gerald Galindez said...

Weee.. me too ben...
ive been very very busy lately...
you know... ehehe. careers..

Gerald Galindez said...

@Jeremiah ^^...

well, thank you.
I think "poetry-convention" sucks!
because it encourages hypocritical principles in writing...
So, i took on with my sheer honesty and write of what my heart screams..
^^ thanks