Friday, January 16, 2009

Dine with the Caviar Eaters

Dancing lights of green and blue
They reveal what these sluts do
In this cheap, cursed piano bar
They act and talk like porn stars

These sluts, they want to be raped
By these men who look like apes
With majority of gays
Fishing out the drunken males

They're exposing butts and breasts
And they said they need no rest
Till tomorrow they will dance
Fornicate if there's a chance

Shaven brows and shadowed eyes
Their undies attract the flies
Same as the bale prostitutes
Are their rotten attitudes

More butts and breast, they expose
Its a show, they are the host
On the stage, they are so proud
To lead the ignorant crowd

If i could only throw this
Glass of water to that miss
Who sings so annoyingly
She thought it made me happy

Gays and men becoming gays
Sit around and talk their ways
Of topics, i so disgust
I gave none, not even trust

In my sight, they wore all white
Girls they chose those really tight
Skimpy gowns, they look like clowns
Thick foundations weigh an ounce

Said they're pretty, they are not
I say they look like their butts
All exposed for the many
And to keep the boys merry

Very merry, but not me
I'm sober for what i see
A perfect theme for my work
Though they see as a jerk

Jerk indeed but not like you
You braggarts i cannot chew
Guys you suck and and stir my mood
Continue bragging you're good

In your walk, your chin up high
On you gown or with your tie
You enjoy this wretched night
While others curse your plight

Wish to stop this night so long
in this crowd i don't belong
In this trade, i can be good
Be like them, i never could

4 Angelic comments:

rch said...

Hi Gerald, very strong stuff with some funny parts too, great to read some new stuff from you my friend.

Gerald Galindez said...

^^ im glad i made you laugh rob.
thats my goal in here..

i try to make "them" as stupid and insolent as they are ^^

thanks for the comment RCH.

Its an honor to receive some words from a poet so great..

Anonymous said...

yeah, i laughed that's satire.. :D haha..keep writing..

Anonymous said...

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