Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Friend's Party

My friend sleeps there, sleeping still
On that bed, no he's not ill
He just needed time to rest
For the sun sank in the west

Came the weakly morning beam
They offer flowers to him
Strong scent that's not of Roses
It fills all the guests noses

Photograph, blurred and pallid
His wooden bed is solid
Lively chatters from out side
Insects and the light collide

Food enters the mouth tasteless
A glass of milk falls careless
Camera flashes and took
The last pages of the book

This is how he took the bow
The chatters gone aloud now
Same are merry, some were sad
In the party of the lad

Soon the setting beneath the tent
Altered, Lenten-like it went
Soreness of sympathy mount
In the guests for his account

A heart burns in great sorrow
Forever gone tomorrow
Those utterance remain
A friend is never the same

In loving memory of Gerniel Bañas
a friend, classmate, seatmate. a brother

2 Angelic comments:

Gerald Galindez said...

A tribute to a friend who passed just last year december 8...

In loving memory of Gerniel Bañas
a friend, classmate, seatmate. a brother

Anonymous said...

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