Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Prophecy of a Tax Collector

End will be on everything
From erotic love to sighs
The time we lend is running
From the Architect of skies

The sun will soon subdue us
And the well will water lack
Epidemics will brew pus
With the steam of earthly crack

Could be rotting there there for weeks
Some are meters deep away
Bodies with the ruble mix
Savor the fumes of decay

All the nation make their rise
Rise of the inhumane rage
Which forms the thick darkened skies
For some nuclear exchange

The profit-based morals
Of unproductive fathers
With irregular bowels
While people eat each other

Cease to plant, the farmers heir
Feel the lowering of yields
Then succumb a curse so fair
Of acidic empty fields

Did you hear the scripture say
Exaggerate of Matthew
Must you clean your soul today
For redemption is for few

Monday, May 26, 2008

We made them Masochists

Ti's so hard to call the winds
Even more to calm the seas
Our sense of idleness wins
If you're contented of peace

Yes, but not all peace are just
There is peace whose sound is death
Peace on those who work on rusts
Starving peace whose short of breath

For his well has long been dry
Is a child who knocks the door
Give his life or leave him by
Will you open up and pour?

Turned down our voices so dire
Oh peace! what have we become?
Of the poorest third world choir
We are the most feeble hum

Heedless until you're headless
The promise will never come
As the needy and food less
On their penury's succumb

Others sleep on rusty chains
Deprived rights, the justice keep
And it magnifies their pains
You enjoy your soundest sleep

Evils on offices hide
Elitists do more than crimes
Courtrooms, their decisions fried
Are you not aware this times?

Go outside and see by far
From you, a pyramid built
Being deaf is what you are
Where's your conscience, where's your guilt?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Carnival of Flaws

I had once on a Carnival
Witnessed an ebony show
Where Actors are criminals
Whose lousy acts i most know

I await, the curtain parts
Their delightful Gothic dress
And their hypocrisy starts
Takes the stage no more no less

Monopoly it is done
By masters of theatrics
Corruption for them is fun
Dirty game of politics

Center stage i am surprised
In there was our president
Self and croonies brought demised
Hopes of a nation ardent

Full of life is that stage
Likened to a market place
Senators are being sage
Sit and talk then got their pays

Oh! they the common figures
Seated, chest in, bellies out
Pregnant like are their features
Congressmen just getting stout

Mayors i can never miss
Overtax for concubines
Ignores the streets filled with piss
Heir to throne is a blood line

Lousy acts, and stupid dance
Entertained the none of me
Hit them stones, if had the chance
Poor audience will be in glee

Unimpressed of scripts of lies
Seated on this frozen bench
Got the votes, then promise dies
Thirst of greed that none can quench

After all , conclusion draws
Lousy actors take their bow
On this carnival of flaws
I'm about to burn it now

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Poem on Avidness

See her almost every night
Share with her ambitious acts
Her chemical induced white
Skin to sign the nudist pact

You bring out the handkerchief
Wipe her fake face of fake tears
Of joy, or cheer or mischief
Talk to her? delirium nears

Body of a perfect mold
That you exalt for beauty
Though her innocence she sold
Still you admire her truly

You see clean on her than stain
For she holds your puppet strings
In your ignorance, she gain
You will pay her golden rings

Exaltation form the bust
You made her the finest wood
Kneel on salt and bow you must
With the sense of gratitude

Nothings wrong in praising her
Even more to kiss her feet
Imitate her obscene slur
Later sell your worthless meat

Go for idiotic sojourn
World superficially set
For the lesser and forlorn
To be a loyalist pet

I see the spark in your eyes
Their obeisance to the queen
Its a thing that is unwise
Bound yourself in her on screen

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Seeing more in the dark

Stroking with this Titus fine
Pen that writes the thickest black
Dismal is the word define
The state when gaiety lack

Yellow light the candle brings
Not enough for cabin wide
Barely i can see a thing
Writings in my shadow hide

Sorry if i write on ill
My voice, not pleasing to hear
Scratched papers my ballpoints till
Words will scream in your good ear

Given this unusual sight
From the past, unusual too
In the days where wrongs are right
Edgar sprouts from finest brew

Wick has none, the candle dies
I stood up with no remark
Tread the void and close my eyes
And i see more in the dark

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Murderous Symphonies

Must you hear the grimmest new
Sea meat scattered on the shores
Funereal hymns of the pews
Made by poison used for ores

Must you hear the crispy cracks
Giants bow on chain-saw's song
Rapist that are free of tax
Virgin forests live not long

Must you hear exploding grounds
Tremors made by metal beasts
Flattening of all the mounts
Unborn ones see the least

Must hear the silent cries
Chimney's spew unholy fogs
Of factories, Infant dies
Murderers are greedy pugs

Tribulations there, rest not!
What more mourning must you hear
Our sole lot the aliens got
Must you hear, lets struck them fear

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bow not to a highness

When foreigners neared, tides churned
Counter-clock wised volume knob
Murkiest confusion earned
Dire silence covered on cob

It was never cowardice
My shame, not that i am shy
For i saw in them, hubris
They raise themselves up on high

Far not from your royal friend
Intellect and wealth you boast
Living with your latest trend
And i refuse a fake toast

Here you came, you must adjust
You're no boss and you're no God
Away, our native ores you lust
Extract not with our own blood