Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Carnival of Flaws

I had once on a Carnival
Witnessed an ebony show
Where Actors are criminals
Whose lousy acts i most know

I await, the curtain parts
Their delightful Gothic dress
And their hypocrisy starts
Takes the stage no more no less

Monopoly it is done
By masters of theatrics
Corruption for them is fun
Dirty game of politics

Center stage i am surprised
In there was our president
Self and croonies brought demised
Hopes of a nation ardent

Full of life is that stage
Likened to a market place
Senators are being sage
Sit and talk then got their pays

Oh! they the common figures
Seated, chest in, bellies out
Pregnant like are their features
Congressmen just getting stout

Mayors i can never miss
Overtax for concubines
Ignores the streets filled with piss
Heir to throne is a blood line

Lousy acts, and stupid dance
Entertained the none of me
Hit them stones, if had the chance
Poor audience will be in glee

Unimpressed of scripts of lies
Seated on this frozen bench
Got the votes, then promise dies
Thirst of greed that none can quench

After all , conclusion draws
Lousy actors take their bow
On this carnival of flaws
I'm about to burn it now

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Gerald Galindez said...

Our system of government......