Thursday, May 24, 2007

i dreamt of

its been a few days since i posted, and it feels so good having a break of seeing the eye straining computers, and now im up again, face to face with it , but for a short while.,... yes, i dreamt of something special, something that will make my manhood complete. lol, i know what youre thinking, but its not its what you call "TRUE LOVE"and i love her so much, it feels so being reunited with your family, i realized, i was away from home for a while and they missed me so much., but anything else i would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my girlfriend for being so sweet and supportive in the last few days, though i cant deny the fact that i mised her so much.,,, and it wouldnt be long till i reunite with her again, im so excited., we txted each other so much that every peso spent to her is nothing compared to the hapiness she is giving me.,, going to college is difficult, you need to sacrifice many things in order for you to pass any subject, plus the agonizing homesickness you felt being away with your family,., i may not be a good son to them, but i surely love them so much,, there have been many changes in our home, many hapenings i missed, some ae good some are bad, but then, they are still my family., and being the eldest amongst the two of us makes it hard, for i must take responsibility of certain things., i dreamt of my family, together with my future wife, and i know i have to strive hard and finish my studies in order for my dream to become reality.,..... just finished my table tennis practice now with my former team, and man they really beat the crap out of me hehehe/..,

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