Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Making the life out of my fingertips

pure boringness is the sound here on the internet cafe where i wrote this blog. i have gained 15 pounds of weight since i graduated in highschool and now im 17, its such a weird feeling, heavy and lazy.. i have spent the whole afternoon with my girlfriend and have good time with her., shes the only one who can make me happy. really., and losing her is like losing my life., i will prove to her that not all men are all alike., in writing this blog, i must accept the fact that im actually making and storing my own life, and until the day i die, i would like you all to know what really happened to me., my story., when all of a sudden you grow up and totally see different things around you, when you feel the urge inside you, i would like to call it the stage of exploration and curiousity. and to tell you, it feels so good, yes i did it, and i love her., you see im not a verbal person, but you dont want to mess with me when it comes to writing, i just dont get it, i am not perfect, and i wish i was.
you may or never see me, but you'll know when you read me,, hope these weight problem wont push itself to the limit or else, my career is gone,, welcome to my world!

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