Monday, February 11, 2008

My memories of Thermophylae

The passing of the days hardened our limbs
of pure ceramic and mountain marble
the gushing seconds sharpened our minds
like a dagger always and forever humble
as we marched fort a narrow valley
we savor the fear of the cold
a thousand fold men grinned their fangs
as we dances both sweat and blood
we paced for death by five nights
i heard the wails of wounded flesh
of those who now numb of cold
saliva quenched their thirst
one by one on blissful rage
we severed heads that flung high
like tender bamboo shoots
life bursting with crimson fountain
that drenched my armor, a torso i split
a foreign thing lunged through my veins
an arrow made me decomposer's meat
i fell to the ground, no pain it felt
What started as we now left an i
a comrade i noticed lying beside me
said that we are going to die
i closed his eyes, as he slept
with a period a sentence is done
never i dreamed of seeing my home
but to wake an empires pride
its a great honor that we died

Mascuf memories

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