Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Purging Lake

Paddling down its silvery waters
Running my fingers through its placidity
Seeing the reflection of lovers
Below the great Grey clouds
Feeling nothing but intimacy
Love that became the shroud
Of protection and sanctuary
For this black hearted crowd
That makes us oil and water
Forbidding joy and laughter

At dawn the rays caress the hills
Of golden hues that takes away
The spell of drowse and chills
And thoughts of destruction
Against the sworn knot we lay
The will is His’ of our destination
In the remaining shafts of ray
Today, in this beautiful lake
We say goodbye to a fray
And move on as life we take

3 Angelic comments:

Noah the Great said...

That's very beautiful!

Gerald Galindez said...

well thanks noah... ^_^

flyingstars said...

Beautiful lines....Thanks very much for all your kind words in my blog & sharing your beautiful thoughts as also linking my blog....Your writing is also very very nice as also your blog too. Thanks:)