Sunday, February 3, 2008

Lucifer hates the world

Im a poet who dwells in sadness
all the is gloom is my ally
i see only the stain in pieces of paper
and exaggerate when i write
when they are wrong and i am right
my ego says its much safer
to be cunning and to never lie
and avoid the worlds kindness
when people bow to a highness
gain nothing but a slavish cry
dares not to draw his sabre
im left here in my impius rite

1 Angelic comments:

warped4lyf said...

i like this poem, especially the title...intriguing. thanks for dropping by PSYCHEDELIA.

i like poetry but i'm more of a prose person. sure, i'd love to be one of your links. thanks.

but hang on, how do i link my blog to yours and to others, too?? been trying to figure that out for quite some time now, hehe, i'm no techie, obviously.

could you give me some tips? i'm a direct user of blogger, by the way. thanks in advance.

nice knowing you. ^^