Monday, March 10, 2008

Parade of the raped

Deaf it is not, our forest school
it is a Gong that wakes the whole
teenage army on the verge
of bringing down a demon's urge

Black subdues the early sun
the shirts of all the mourning shun
we marched and filled the streetly scene
sympathy fueled our shouts and scream

It was the day we painted black
a town discreet of such attack
the rape of one is rape of all
we're here to make our justice call

3 Angelic comments:

Gerald Galindez said...

2500 brave students(im one of them) University of southern mindanao students marched to the streets and lighted our candles in condemning the rape incident here.

it was my first time to join the rally, bruised, baked by the sun, all was worth it, as we cried and called for justice.


Noah the Great said...

I'm glad you took a stand against such ridiculous common acts.

Gerald Galindez said...

the right time is now,

we've had enough,
its long been going on here.