Friday, March 14, 2008

The fall of billion lives

Clear skies after the beads drop
brought sustenance to the crop
touched the rosy bud
and stirred chocolatey mud

The beads fell hard
and loam stood unguard
rained never like this
Ants stuck on their lease

Earth is the face
of a water-based race
rain is its tears
Joyful, as life it rears

6 Angelic comments:

Gerald Galindez said...

the bravest things ever created by God.

are the raindrops.

they are not afraid of falling.


i admire the rain much

Xegben said...

let it rain..,.

tnx 4 ure l;ink

i will link ure site as well

Gerald Galindez said...

thanks xegben....


ekhosama said...

whoa, a upbeat ending. This is new, Gerald. Usually it was satire. I like ur thoughts on the rain. It's usually used for dark poetry.

Hmm. when i think of the rain, i think of bullet shells fallin on 3rd world countries. our rain that we complain about is trivial. I call it the bullet rain. u can use the word if u want.

"not afraid of falling." yeah i wish i was the same.

good poem once again

Pam said...

Gerald, this is a wonderful rain poem. We have been drought-stricken for several years here and I can really appreciate the joy of rain when it comes.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Amputated Moon.

Gerald Galindez said...

oh, really....
i hope that God will shower you rain right away... ~_^

where are you from anyway?