Sunday, March 9, 2008

Songs of unvirgin sobs

Today the world has gone mad
a girl got raped; taken away
our school, a forest peopled with bad
sexual predators there they lay

I imagine how they did it
the way they broke the tender
tremors of barging man meat
trees listened a sad song rendered

they threw her like a used condom
naked, cold, and vulnerable
misery raised the city of Sodom
between the legs, pain is unbearable

5 Angelic comments:

Gerald Galindez said...

there has been a rape incident here in our university, it has inspired me too write this poem

my sympathy to the rape victim, T_T

ekhosama said...

oh my god. this poem is horrifying. I hope the victim is okay now. I can't imagine what rape victims go through.

Did u say in ur university? In the phillipines? Gosh, I thought all the bad stuff happens here in the states. Just last week, there were two more campus murders. It's too much, it's Columbine times a million now.

the world is scary nowadays.

Noah The Great said...

Wow, this is terrible, but very well written.

Terrible in that it makes me feel horrible that there are people like that in this world.

Gurpreet said...

it would be great gerald :)

Gerald Galindez said...

this is the truth my dear readers,

gurpeet, welcome

noah, thanks for the sympathy

ek, the world has gone mad, i can say that