Monday, July 21, 2008

A Day on the Hourglass

The deciduous leaves fly
Ordered by a lightning cry
And this, I was not aware
Of the seasons passing by

Falling leaves the trees forsake
The decaying premise take
It is done, I can't turn back
They're for the Janitors rake

I am living in my rhyme
In this swiftly, shifting time
For the many walks to walk
On a vast uncertain clime

Nineteen years before the now
Asked myself this question how
Can i keep this youth esteemed
If in times' presence i bow

10 Angelic comments:

Gerald Galindez said...

I was thinking of a poem that would commemorate my 19th year in this life/world.. so july 8, 1989 is the exact date..


Jo said...

"I am living in my rhyme..." yes indeed you are, dear Gerald! Your word choice is truly exquisite in this piece and I especially loved that you entwined seasons in this beautiful poem. Happy birthday (though a sorrowfully late wish it is I suppose) and here's to hoping this new year of your life sees many great poems waxed and your spirit soar!
Yours most fondly,

noahthegreat said...

This is great.

Gerald Galindez said...

Thanks jo, you are the nicest person I'd came across in this WWW.,

Thanks for the encouragement my friend jo., and for the award., n_n

"Lets give the world verses!"

Gerald Galindez said...

Oh noah, thanks for the comment,
you know you've always been an inspiration to me.,

i might give you the award that jo give me as well....

thanks a lot., atleast you made me smile in this hard times...

JerichoAlmiranez said...

superb, deliciously tasty with edge and smoothness;

worth the read and thought

thank you!
keep up!

Gerald Galindez said...

Oh thanks jericho. ~_^
as long as i have this pen and paper and limbs and brain.
i will never cease to write....
would you like to exlink?

Ethyl Alcohol said...

kelan ka nag-turn ng 19? :) love your poem. :) 19 ka palang pala, tas ibang klase ka na gumawa ng poem. ;) you have the talent. :)

Ethyl Alcohol said...

ah ngayon ko lang nabasa yung date sa comment mo. :) nung july 8 pa pala. belated. :)

Gerald Galindez said...

thanks ethyl n_n