Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ragamuffins are stray cats

Steady down pours made town ghost
White, yellow lights from a post
Deepest thoughts, horizon black
Emphasized on garbage sack

Fruit born of the urban skirt
Walking, searching tummy's worth
Stranger to a passerby
Tempting chicken entrails fried

Providence our hero calls
Thumb-size maggots climb the walls
Ever drooled on some steamed rice
Ventricles leap for spoiled fries

A problem is not when drenched
Problem is when men fist clenched
Diaphragm has lost its air
Broken rib has none to spare

Flowing warmth, body's bruised smeared
Long to eat is hunger steered
Crawling streets and dodging trucks
Drowning on a life that sucks

8 Angelic comments:

paisley said...

this is very literally entrancing... even if it does talk about thumb sized maggots wow!!!!!!

Gerald Galindez said...

thanks for the honest comment paisley.,
i really have a hard time seeing beggars on the streets on their most grave conditions here in our place., so i compared them
to stray cats.

it was raining that night, and i saw a cat... that sparked something.

take care

Pam said...

"Fruit born of the urban skirt" is a wonderful line showing the hidden process of birthing poverty.

ekhosama said...

yeah it's great to be back. Btw, I love the picture. I haven't seen sasori look that way before. In fact, one time, i thought he looked like his doll (the ninja looking one with scorpion tail), and then my friend ebraheme showed me his real pic. Now this pic is just reallly cool looking.

Noah the Great said...

I love the new picture

Gerald Galindez said...

just like what ive said,
we have in common....
just see his emotion portrayed

thats me

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