Thursday, April 10, 2008

When farmers die

Wait until there's nothing more
substance of our bodies core
wait until the Vultures come
Tasty morsels they eat some

Patience is a virtue said
wait until you drop for dead
Skinny young their Femurs shown
In the morgue a ringing phone

Glitter shines the worthless gold
rice worth more a hundred fold
What the ulcered stomach need
is a cask for worms to feed

Golden panicles of life
don't mind me but save my wife
empty breasts our children sips
No more milk for blood it drips

12 Angelic comments:

Gerald Galindez said...

i wrote this poem because im saddened in the national economic crisis (rice shortages)

this country was supposed to be wealthy of food resources..
but look at it now...

Noah the Great said...


Gerald Galindez said...

Yes.... T_T

Wee 'n Haylin said...

wow again.. and by the way, thanks for the comment. hehehe.

Gerald Galindez said...

No problem... thanks for the comment also....

ekhosama said...

Woweee. I didn't even fully grasp the poem. It's so good. Your poetry rocks dude. It sounds classic, like from the victorian period or elizabethan. Where do u get your style from, do u make it up? and which country has a rice shortage?

Gerald Galindez said...

our country, the good Philippines!

i dont know, it just sprang out of me... this is my style of writing...

Xegben said...

this really shows our society
we lived in
were rice farmers are struggling
for a living
this is evidently a manifestation of the lack of support and the corruption that envoloped our govt.

Xegben said...

btw cool banner
i think its sasori of akatsuki
and the third kazekage(puppet)

Gerald Galindez said...

Do you like sasori?
me? i like him much... ~_^

ive been with the mud.., felt the pain of poor rice farmers..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

wow mr. galindez!, who is your inspiration behind all the great poems?