Monday, April 7, 2008

Gravity of crossing avenues

A dusky afternoon late
amplifies a sober state
quiescence is all but none
for a place employed for fun

Fun it is that people seek
this time always every week
slippers grind cemented road
Air is pale returning cold

Early are the peanut stalls
smoking as the slutty halls
waiting are the drinking fools
Pubs they make of vomit pools

Sun is sinking on the west
Lovers choose a place to nest
condom first on pharmacy
to avoid her pregnancy

Vendors flock the streetly scene
selling goods from which they lean
to be fed a starving debt
must they shed their blood and sweat

Every corner teems with food
Charms the smell of glutton brood
Eats away a cysts or two
from a poor-cooked barbecue

So they skulk for time is dim
they the users search for him
in the thickness of the crowd
there they bought the powder proud

Shiny cars and hippest bikes
they the social climbers like
steps the gas and on a show
rider yet they think so slow

oh immortal cunning night
why'd you blur the clearest sight
streaming lights of wicked truths
cancer of our natures truce

So this is primordial place
weirdest are the sapient ways
Pedestal is where i sat
gravity of life i met

7 Angelic comments:

Gerald Galindez said...

What else can i say? its all in he poem., ~_^ enjoy.

One aftenoon i sat by a crossing inersection road., i saw the scene. i
reached for the pen (titus fine) and a church liturgy... i wrote.

Anonymous said...

mm... galing mo. i really liked this part:

"oh immortal cunning night
why'd you blur the clearest sight
streaming lights of wicked truths
cancer of our natures truce"

hehe.. wala lang.. it got me. so did the stanza (tama ba?) about the lovers. natawa ako dun. ^_^ galing! bravo!

Noah The Great said...

You're so good at getting raw emotion on the page. It's powerful, like a nine-tailed Kyubbi!

Gerald Galindez said...

hay lin,
im so glad you like this work...

this is my perception of my abnormal society...


Gerald Galindez said...

Noah., thanks for giving me a title of jinchurikki... LOL

thanks for the Comment. ~_^
i write raw, cause this place (my place) is raw.....,,,

Take care both of you.

ekhosama said...

Yeah, I think I catch what ur saying. People think they have a life by doing bad stuff when life isn't about that, but about simplicity. Hmm. I'm probably wrong. =)

Gerald Galindez said...

you're kinda right ek... ~_^