Monday, April 28, 2008

Moonlight Ovations

Luna, you were never wrong
Thy beam shines upon me
Tonight i am happy song
Triumph of sagacity

Only you consumed my gain
You're sole witness of my cheer
Never thought my sweats and pain
Will sprout jubilation dear

Ink wasted has brought honor
Investments of a raw mind
Owned a self-proclaimed loner
Sympathy and darkness bind

Despite this eccentric state
Meekness i want to confine
Having this achievement great
feeling no one can define

4 Angelic comments:

Gerald Galindez said...

this is a poem expressing my triumph!
conveying the exact feeling of winning, it was my first time

i won 1st place in a poetry competition!
and 3rd place in essay...

the feeling i get is sooo nice...
not being praised, but i proved to myself, that i can make it...

Anonymous said...


Gerald Galindez said...

thanks for the comment anonymous hehe

Marli said...

This is great info to know.