Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sasori, the puppet master

Guiding hands that made me walk
Dancing notes that made me talk
Softest breast of sweetest milk
Cradle of the grandest silk

Okay, this will be for me
Unfolding; just wait and see
Stay beside and keep me warm
Do keep me away from harm

Morning came the saddest times
Ringing of departure chimes
Ma and pa were on their way
For a war commenced today

Oh I hope they would come back
And compensate the love I lack
But time is baleful in my wait
The one forever I will hate

Warmth often kiss my cheeks
Would it end all of my seeks
Hopelessness dispelled from drowse
Just the sunlight on my brows

Since that day, to never smile
All the moments not worthwhile
Profession was the art of death
To live as one who stops their breath

There it is, the turning points
My hardened heart and hardened joints
Village neglect of my defect
Collect the people I dissect

Steady filled my jars of blood
Pierce the skin of metal rod
Perfect piece my puppets go
So Ma and Pa will see my show

7 Angelic comments:

Gerald Galindez said...

(i know this sounds a little weird)
but this is an expression of ideas and feelings a poem isn't it?

this poem is my heartfelt admiration to an anime character, Sasori.
If you'll just know his fate.
you'll feel the same way as what i am feeling now., very tragic and woeful.

he is made of misery. T_T

Gerald Galindez said...

i know this sounds weird really., ~_^
young folks should you consider..

Wee 'n Haylin said...

this is good stuff.. *applause*

Gerald Galindez said...

its a good thing you liked it lin.,
its the first time you commented on me. Thanks a lot.

you love naruto too?

ekhosama said...

Go Sasori. I love sasori. Thanks for writing this poem. sasori's probably the coolest bad guy besides Sasuke and the other coolest character besides Sakura. You do know what happened to sasori in Naruto Shippuuden right? He got, well... owned. I still think he's cool. His puppet of the Hokage who died and the water guns are his coolest attacks. he didn't kill his parents tho, it was ANBU Kakashi I think that did.

Oh, and the 10 puppets of Grandma Chiyo... awesome.

You see Sasori as a sad and tragic fellow, but his tragedies just makes him a very strong character. I like ur tribute to him. I feel the most strongly to Naruto, tho.

ekhosama said...

Oh, btw, did u see my youtube videos yet?

Gerald Galindez said...

Oh yes.... thats right ~_^
im glad you like him too..
we are alike actually. (somehow)
we have the same attitude..
10 vs 100 puppets was the coolest in shippuden...