Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Odyssey (1997)


iwas really trully amazed of the movie, much more of a fuel to my interests in greek mythology. the movie is nice, as i can see. good special effects in its time of release worthy of an award. the actors are well picked and the storyline is nothing but a genius work. it feels like im in the movie sharing the adventures of him, though i fing a hard time speeling out the name of the king of Ithaca, but it surely is a great movie.

This lavish small-screen adaptation of Homer's ancient epic--replete with exotic Maltese and Turkish locations, state-of-the-art special effects, and many bronzed muscles gleaming with sweat--chronicles the voyage home of a Trojan hero, Odysseus King of Ithaca, and includes many more scenes of his faithful, beautiful wife Penelope dodging leering suitors at home than Homer ever composed!

The movie follows the ancient Greek names, thus it is irrelevant to use the Roman name Ulysses. Generally, it was poorly written. Homer's classic epic poem about the hero, Odysseus, and his travels home after the infamous ten year battle of Troy, is brought to the silver screen. The gods seize the opportunity to make Odysseus and his crew the pawns in their games; forcing Odysseus to take unbelievable detours that add years to his journey home. These detours throw him into conflict with great mythological creatures like Circe, the Cyclops, and Poseidon, and ultimately bring him into Hades itself. Meanwhile, Odysseus' wife, Penelope, worries that her husband is dead and is forced to fight off suitors who want to claim his kingdom. Through all of this Odysseus must keep faith and fight to find his way back home, with only the aid of the goddess Athena.

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