Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lifeless day on vanity's cradle

Lifeless day on vanity's cradle

What the hell has happned to me this days
as if i was on another body
in a very lost alienated place
like the mornings in the rural foggy
i can see a tapestry of unclear
reality induced my solitude
majestic as the father sun could sear
my fat enshrouded temple in postlude
i cannot help but se the rupturing
of my weekly allowance foolishly
as i continue this indecent things
to be in the end so patheticly
indulged in this world full of vanity
wish me luck, as i take my destiny

2 Angelic comments:

Anonymous said...

hullo again..

thanks again for the comment.

exchange links? how do we do that exactly? i'm really,really sorry. I can't say I'm all new to this but I CAN say I haven't learned much about the whole world of blogging. V(^^,)

again, i like the pic in this post. and yes.. cheers to your good taste!

anyway, good night.

My Big Brown Opinion said...

I stumbled across your blog and saw that picture. It's captivating. I like it!