Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Writer's Sea

There is red and there is dead
There are some that sailors dread
Though my own, a peaceful tide
Restless thoughts are churned inside

See the water's never blue
Terns and Gulls are absent too
Not all, loves a placid murk
Summons all i need for work

On this vast colossal sea
Worlds i pass and ramble free
Worlds distorted, so grotesque
Need to write this style burlesque

Always when my body's soak
Fervent waters that provoke
Rageful ghosts that's sometimes bane
On this baleful brood of Cain

Sentiments from liquid pure
On an illness, found a cure
Inquiries the waters heed
Makes up my poetic creed

Below the waves, a forged scheme
By someone whose in the dim
Writing truths that raise the steam
Parallel to precious dreams

You can never see below
Clearly all what made me know
Just like now, its hard to guess
What the pen wants to address

14 Angelic comments:

Gerald Galindez said...
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Gerald Galindez said...

Guess what is a writer's sea?

Enjoy ~_^

Herson Juego said...

Do you write poems with other measures, or a variety of the Shakespearean kind? Sonnets?

Nice poem by the way. Keep it up bro.

Gerald Galindez said...

yes, actually, i started making poems with the shakespearean sonnet with contemporary thoughts., try readiing my previous thoughts.. i have atleast 30 written sonnets.. ~_^

Gerald Galindez said...

BTW thanks for the heart warming comment herson... ~_^

carol said...

hmmm... well, where do you get your inspiration?

i'm not really into poetry, but your poems sound good:P

make more:P lol

Gerald Galindez said...

We'll thanks carol.,
you are really thoughtful... ~_^
yes im making more...
i will publish this year...

Noah the Great said...

That's why we keep writing, so we ca figure out what we want to say!

Good write!

Gerald Galindez said...

This poem is about a sea...

my sea....

the one i sit beside every night when
i make my poems...

"a cup of COFFEE"!!!!!

thats the answer...

Jo said...

"What the pen wants to address..." I love it! You can do so much with just this one sentence!

Gerald Galindez said...

thanks for the compliment jo ~_^
this poem is really just a cup of coffee...
the things i can get from sipping it.

ekhosama said...

ohhhh. a cup of coffee. That was G!!! G for gerald. So far, this is my favorite poem from you. I guess it comes to show that poets have their own interpretation of their poems, one that readers would probably never have guessed. A lot of my poems are like that too. I loved the first two lines, and for a second I remember rhyme of ancient mariner.

aweeeeeeeesome poem.

ekhosama said...

btw, can u tell me which of ur poems is ur best. I just wanted to know, cuz u have so many.

Anonymous said...

best.. an opinion word...