Friday, June 27, 2008

The Third Kind's Carnality

They are now ,they had a choice
Exercised falsetto voice
Painted nails and painted face
Skin indulge on scented sprays

Unbarred, closet opened wide
A true self just cannot hide
Sinly smiles of coated lips
Swaying butt and shapeless hips

Vampire-like, they fear the sun
Same as a devoted nun
Life consumed on things absurd
Filthy deeds they hide are heard

They pray to a moon that crawls
Gloomy streets of sex and brawls
Shadows on the shadows lurk
Silent, has the smirk of Circe

On the sound of treading feet
Senses heightened, ear-drums beat
Stronger now for moon it brought
Lonely teenage boy they sought

Keen eyes made discourteous glance
Torrid will and urge to dance
On velvet sheets of lover's bed
Carnal craniums painted red

Calling whistles, lizards tongue
Bogus masks on faces hung
Utter promises of lies
And a beer that's full of ice

Whistles only are for dogs
And the boy just hate the hogs
Walking still, he passed them by
Tricky souls just gave a sigh

Hours came, still has no guest
Sun is born, its time to rest
Clean the vomits, close the club
And they visit baker Bob

Walking alien of the streets
Whistles got from driver seats
Stuff of laughter and of taunt
Morals of the church they haunt

11 Angelic comments:

Gerald Galindez said...

A poem for the dark side of gays....


flipt said...

this one is quite easy to get! ^_^

does the poem refer to a particular lonely teenage boy?

Gerald Galindez said...

No flipt,

this poem is about a group of nymphomaniac gays who hooks lonely males in a club.....

i can relate this to my experience when i was walking one night all alone.,
and a group of homo's teased me and offered me a drink, i wasn't out of my mind so i didn't fall... i kept walking,

they whistled to me as if i was a Dog.

they s**k man!


thanks for the comment.

flipt said...

hehehe....aaahhh yes...the typical transvestite gay behavior... i feel for you... :)

Gerald Galindez said...

exactly flipt....

Gerald Galindez said...

perfectly said....

Anonymous said...

haha this one sounded like you have a very deep grudge over gays.

the words are very riveting, and direct to the point.

been reading your poems silently for the past few months. this one may go controversial haha.


Gerald Galindez said...

not really, i don't want to generalize coz i have some gay friends too...

...the ill-manered and carnal ones i dislike....

and they're the culprit of this poem

you're mysterious ~_^ can you show your self? do you know me?

Jena Isle said...

These are great rhymes. Keep posting.

Gerald Galindez said...

Oh... thanks jena... ~_^
i will., i just need time

Anonymous said...

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