Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Quiescent no more

Harvest first the master says
Famine stricken throat for days
Brought the end of farmers toil
Again United with his soil

Comfort of a market shade
Home of all the beggars frayed
Talking wounds on fleshless knees
That is what they meant of peace

Collecting broken dreams, a house
Of Harlots forced to work with sows
Make-up hides the swollen ducts
Client undresses and locks

Bustling cars of justice men
Does his job from ten to ten
Meets the youth to sell his drugs
remits to political rugs

Precious vault the greedy owns
Money in his blood and bones
Hunger knocks his shiny Ford
Mocks away the poor ignored

Peaceful yet it harrows you
If justice hides what should you do
For a youth that serves to God
Must you share our Jesus' blood

Blood of love and peace accords
Christian soldiers drop your swords
Wear the cleanest conscience robe
Start with you before the globe

Monday, April 28, 2008

It passed Surmions

Bare are the moonlit mountains
And the sullen glowing trees
With the Moon's carmine curtains
Of clouds swirling as the seas

None escapes unfervent rays
Of incandescent luster
Satellites terminal phase
That never cease to falter

Up there grazing with the stars
Blissful, playing in my eyes
Relief for my wounds and scars
Greatest solace of my skies

Moonlight Ovations

Luna, you were never wrong
Thy beam shines upon me
Tonight i am happy song
Triumph of sagacity

Only you consumed my gain
You're sole witness of my cheer
Never thought my sweats and pain
Will sprout jubilation dear

Ink wasted has brought honor
Investments of a raw mind
Owned a self-proclaimed loner
Sympathy and darkness bind

Despite this eccentric state
Meekness i want to confine
Having this achievement great
feeling no one can define

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Footprints on fertile mud

It is Avian choir
Accompanied with crickets
That ring and sing the loudness
Of farmers morning
The nothingness of fog
Brought uncertain squelch
On heel-deep mud to my boots
Careful not to disturb
Sleeping puddles of leeches
In my walk, time passed

The earth mud odors rise
Herons started days work
Fishing on Carabao backs
Ticks bloat of Carabao blood
Like pale berries succulent
Advent of another day
By the ray of golden sun
Glistening of golden seeds
Slowly is the fog undone
Busy farmers before me

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ragamuffins are stray cats

Steady down pours made town ghost
White, yellow lights from a post
Deepest thoughts, horizon black
Emphasized on garbage sack

Fruit born of the urban skirt
Walking, searching tummy's worth
Stranger to a passerby
Tempting chicken entrails fried

Providence our hero calls
Thumb-size maggots climb the walls
Ever drooled on some steamed rice
Ventricles leap for spoiled fries

A problem is not when drenched
Problem is when men fist clenched
Diaphragm has lost its air
Broken rib has none to spare

Flowing warmth, body's bruised smeared
Long to eat is hunger steered
Crawling streets and dodging trucks
Drowning on a life that sucks

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Flavorless over-chewed gum
Constant squirms from the mouth come
Generous salival bursts
Superman never felt thirst

Likened to electric chair
Plastic throne that no one dare
Disturb a mere waste of skin
Artificial world he's in

Expertise on killing time
Felt the wealth forget the dimes
Popping eyes is bleeding red
Has more time on this than bed

Cutest are the fingers sore
Keyboards grow the deadly spore
Resting are the frozen sweat
Process of the worst you get

Once you feel you are the God
Arrogance mixed with your blood
Seventeen cubic inch world
Place of which the life you've hurled

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Taste of Styx

Listen to a granted boon
Usage of the darkened moon
Wielding words from craggy ore
Souls are yet to know my lore

Sublime is a common feel
One that pinned Achilles' heel
Brought me gifts has pained me too
Sad, alone, confused and blue

Mighty dams are none compared
Smallest leaks that didn't cared
Abstract things are weakest spot
Lingers through my sense and gut

Cognizance has got me late
Lately was the sourest state
Hearkened when the silence spoke
Sorrow guised on silken cloak

Venture to a cluttered midst
See a feeble Satirist
Enveloped on elven shroud
Bleeding chest is gushing loud

Thursday, April 10, 2008

When farmers die

Wait until there's nothing more
substance of our bodies core
wait until the Vultures come
Tasty morsels they eat some

Patience is a virtue said
wait until you drop for dead
Skinny young their Femurs shown
In the morgue a ringing phone

Glitter shines the worthless gold
rice worth more a hundred fold
What the ulcered stomach need
is a cask for worms to feed

Golden panicles of life
don't mind me but save my wife
empty breasts our children sips
No more milk for blood it drips

Monday, April 7, 2008

Gravity of crossing avenues

A dusky afternoon late
amplifies a sober state
quiescence is all but none
for a place employed for fun

Fun it is that people seek
this time always every week
slippers grind cemented road
Air is pale returning cold

Early are the peanut stalls
smoking as the slutty halls
waiting are the drinking fools
Pubs they make of vomit pools

Sun is sinking on the west
Lovers choose a place to nest
condom first on pharmacy
to avoid her pregnancy

Vendors flock the streetly scene
selling goods from which they lean
to be fed a starving debt
must they shed their blood and sweat

Every corner teems with food
Charms the smell of glutton brood
Eats away a cysts or two
from a poor-cooked barbecue

So they skulk for time is dim
they the users search for him
in the thickness of the crowd
there they bought the powder proud

Shiny cars and hippest bikes
they the social climbers like
steps the gas and on a show
rider yet they think so slow

oh immortal cunning night
why'd you blur the clearest sight
streaming lights of wicked truths
cancer of our natures truce

So this is primordial place
weirdest are the sapient ways
Pedestal is where i sat
gravity of life i met

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sasori, the puppet master

Guiding hands that made me walk
Dancing notes that made me talk
Softest breast of sweetest milk
Cradle of the grandest silk

Okay, this will be for me
Unfolding; just wait and see
Stay beside and keep me warm
Do keep me away from harm

Morning came the saddest times
Ringing of departure chimes
Ma and pa were on their way
For a war commenced today

Oh I hope they would come back
And compensate the love I lack
But time is baleful in my wait
The one forever I will hate

Warmth often kiss my cheeks
Would it end all of my seeks
Hopelessness dispelled from drowse
Just the sunlight on my brows

Since that day, to never smile
All the moments not worthwhile
Profession was the art of death
To live as one who stops their breath

There it is, the turning points
My hardened heart and hardened joints
Village neglect of my defect
Collect the people I dissect

Steady filled my jars of blood
Pierce the skin of metal rod
Perfect piece my puppets go
So Ma and Pa will see my show

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wounds do talk

Asylum of toil i am trapped
sadness' blanket i am wrapped
deliberate delay of sleep
the poor man's coffee i sip

Radio hiss a static song
makes sound sleep but not for long
Tendered backs from soggy foams
and i again deprived of home

A sore prize for an unpaid debt
sometimes judged and named of theft
blood is none compared to cash
a small scratch can turn to gash