Monday, June 9, 2008

The Death of a Well

There was once an aged well
Whose depth mocks the fiery hell
Frigid waters rests inside
Mortals with their needs supplied

Once provide their sustenance
The great well, but that was once
Thirsty brought their jars to fill
With waters untainted still

Origin still is unknown
Said that it was no ones own
Witnessed life cause like the mounts
Lasting yore is so profound

Stationed on a misty realm
Withered trees are overwhelmed
Red bricks fade, mosaic broke
Like the woods that peckers poke

Wrinkled ground of which she stood
Pity her for she was good
The deep void that light cant reach
Her womb home of mud and Leech

Time has closed her living pores
And has barred her breathing doors
Rendezvous of water rain
Sucked up dry and gone for vain

So the late was claimed by vines
With the mosses, and the spines
Comes the homage of the fur
Now the sons remember her

8 Angelic comments:

Gerald Galindez said...

this is a tribute to a grandmother..

justin said...

i apologize for my period of absence. i haven't even updated in quite some time.

i do have to say that your brief visitation with alliteration the fourth line of your fourth stanza. that is... "peckers poke".

also, i have to comment again on how much i enjoy your fusing of contemplation with nature. as if thought is a part of nature. sadly, i don't generally find that true, but it's good to know that others do find it necessary to be absorbed in perpetual thought.

Jo said...

You are such a deep poet. You strike me as a soul with so much inside, and you're brave for allowing words to take your soul and pose upon paper. Bravo!

Gerald Galindez said...

thanks for the comment just, you're such a good correspondent....

thanks for the inspiring comment jo... im looking forward in our linkage...

Jo said...

Oh thanks so much for the lovely comment you left for me... twas such a lovely surprise to find this morning. Certainly I'll link to you! May today be a day of inspiration and deep beauty for you - a fellow writer and ardent poet.

- Jo

Gerald Galindez said...

im happy too... thanks jo. ~_^

Xegben said...

its been ages ago
since i last commented on your poems
been busy lately...
although i got net con in our office i cant post my works...
portfolio been decreasing because of my adjustments...

btw...keep up your satirical poetry...
i like your poems
its like the music of panic at the disco...

rch said...

Hey Gerald, I like your tribute very much. Take care,