Thursday, February 12, 2009


A friend told me the past night
Of things he absorbed form class
We're seated on rusty roof
Under the Celestials that pass

I think its awkward to say
"the night was a sea of stars"
For he rendered a sermon
And i think that he's from Mars

At first, i tend to listen
But the stars stole my attention
He was talking to himself
Of things he never mentioned

My rudeness was just like that
For it is he i despised
His being and how'd he spoke
Triggered my hatred to rise

You want to know the reason?
Even though my angst's so grim
Mortal as infected sore
I still chose to talk to him

I listened though i was mute
Emotions to him came out
Swift as the bats fly by
The words rushed out from his mouth

I was never right nor wrong
He spoke of my offenses
That festered in his heart as
I spoke of my defenses

I thought i was in the light
My despisement has its source
On his open insolence
And his deeds and words so coarse

So in there we stayed for long
My despisement i said not
Peace it is that i wanted
But this hate will never rot

Noiseless was our wenting down
Reconciled, i guess were done
Though the war is won by none
Still the past cant be undone