Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Eyes of Aidalor

Her eyes was the lake untouched
In some unknown wilderness
Clear and pacific and deep
He may lose his soul in it

Her eyes reflected Suns light
Blinding and glaring to his
And everyone succumb too
For clearest lake was her eyes

Her eyes that gained scrutiny
To the ones whose tastes are high
Judged more than its translucence
For there's another facet

Deep as its silence forewarn
Be careful not to gaze long
So you would not share his fate
Of drowning in its abyss

Lake of liquid diamond
That corrupted likes of him
Wanted an ounce for a sip
For knowledge of her allure

Revealing moons gleam at night
It became one of the stars
Nearest, loveliest to him
Who desired to own the lake

The lake; Its impermanence
Is for us to look into
No one can have dominion
To the eyes that was the lake