Saturday, December 3, 2011

DHS-PF4 PS792 oversized blade (pingpong racket)

I purchased this vintage blade in Koronadal city last month. In a clearance sale price, very cheap! Its in good condition and its the one I'm looking for
(an over-sized blade)

Hmm. this is vintage. im having this thought that maybe in the past a Chinese master ( e.g. ding song) sold his racket to a Filipino and found its way into my hands, if that's the case? then this DHS PF4 ps 792 is lEGEND

Because i love ping pong. i will name this new racket
ROTOP!(Revenge of the old Panda).

First impression. I think this would make a great combo-blade for modern defense kind of game. I'm planning to put a fast red plain rubber on one side (RITC-higher red) and (CTT pogo ox black) on the other side.

The wood ply is very solid, it has 7 plies all in all. with an incredibly unique handle. the handle is very thin which is good for twiddling and chopping with control.

I sealed it with a quick drying adhesive (mighty bond) so that it would last long and improve its bounce.

I will give my reviews on its over-all performance next post. good day! thanks for reading.

(is this supposed to be a poetry site?....... not anymore)

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