Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Psychic Kiss is Weird

Her Lips, Fresh Rambutan flesh
When i close my eyes the thoughts zoom in
The succulence
Juice run on the crevices of moist pink
Drops into a trench
Deeper than desire
quickly starts a fire
Scattering by the second, in all directions.
Hearts burn, mood switches turn,
Thoughts probe the depths like a mental submarine
Taking data, savoring data, sweet specimens
From the curious abyss of saliva
Her lips,
Is an ocean behind my lips.

6 Angelic comments:

rch said...

Hi Gerald, thanks for stopping by my blog. I liked your new poem so much it inspired me to write my own. Check it out when you have time. Take care,


Gerald Galindez said...

Thanks for the comment bob...

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I like your poem so much.
Good job