Monday, December 10, 2007

MEG: primal waters

geek reaction:
i came up with this book one day in the library in our school, i have no time to make a full reading on it, it was all bit by bit every night averaging about 50 pages per night while i was studying.
The author was Steve Alten, and i think he really made a great job with this book, he got my interest, fiction was my preferred genre,when i first held it in my hands and started to read it, i was caught by its unorthodox topic,
some Prehistoric shark a big as a double deck bus is breaking hell lose on earth, with the semi dysfunctional family of the lead character Jonas Taylor,and it is up to him to save to solve this hellish problem. i was never disappointed, all the twists and turn, what a ride! i give it a 10 star for quality reading. and in the end, i was face with sadness, for i was to return it to the library. i wish there is another steve alten meg series novel.

Meg: Primal Waters is a 2004 science fiction novel by author Steve Alten. The book continues the adventure of Jonas Taylor, a paleontologist studying the Megalodon. This takes place about 18 years after the events of the second novel (possible in 2019). Jonas has joined the crew of a new survival series called Daredevils on board a Spanish Galleon. Meanwhile Angel the Megalodon has returned to surface waters from the trench and is being pursued by another male. Also someone behind the scenes of Daredevils has a grudge on Jonas and is planning to use his pet Meg named Scarface as his tool. At books end Jonas lures Scarface into killing his master and Angel is recaptured after being impregnated by and then killing the first male. It is also hinted that something far larger than a Megalodon lives in the deep.

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