Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Last Litany

Child. The world is wild
it is not kind
it will not spread it’s glistening pathway so you might like.
the passage is narrow and plain
before you is a dark void
of violence and disorder that you might take

I’m afraid
 it’s not what you dream of
it’s not what you read of
It’s a wide world
bordered by biases
Scoured with aliases
and discriminations
they will scream into your ear,        
                                    You might break into tears
                                                            but they will not care.

They might shake your foundations
                                    And pump your frustrations
Until they break you
And your innocence
Into tiny little pieces.
You will become smoke.
Like I said
 Remember? Sometime in November?
                                    What you learn is immaterial
                                    to the truth.
For if you count your medals and stars
                                    And exhibit them on walls,  
But did not care
For frogs and insects and trees
And all connections of the heart
In the halls .
What are you?
                                                            You’ll be vulnerable.

The world is wide, you might get lost
                                    Into jungles of unreasonable cost.
But if you’ll not conform
To malevolent norms
And when days start to grow dim
Have courage!
Take a dose of LOVE
                        From the vial I gave.
May you find the light and better days?
                                    In doing GOOD and what is RIGHT
                                    A soul that never fears the night
                                    All these darkness that I say  
A supernova of negativity.
                                    Can Never. And Will Never.


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